Monday, January 3, 2011


On New Years Day I shared a market stall at Red Hill with Eleesa from DorothyBills.
It looked scrumptious and to quote Eleesa, 'Juicy!'
The Mr came too and was in full support mode again, bringing me a piping hot cup of chai as soon as the  coffee vendors were up and running. Thanks honey!
He also surprised me with a bunch of my favourite coloured rosebuds. Nice!

I fixed my tree that had broken. I had help from some lovely friends who happen to be freshly back from living in amsterdam and they had nothing better to do but to hang with me for the afternoon and help me pack the van and do last minute things, so I was able to hang my baby slippers from it on the day.
Thanks Berlinda and Coen, you guys are ace. They visited us on the day too and brought an entourage of supporters with them. It was a buzzy day.

Well, I have some news...

These wrap dresses in sizes 7 and 8 are new in the shop.

I adore the effect the coffee coloured laces have on the darker backgrounds.
And so did quite a few other ladies. This is what ill be making this week. Yep. Ladies wrap dresses!
Ill try to do about ten so no-one misses out.

My funny/odd story from this lesson is that when I went to look at another stallholders kids clothes I felt what you all have been trying to tell me about my offerings. I wanted them in my size too!

I have orders for six at the moment so there'll hopefully be a few left over....

This market was my Best. Ever. Im still coming to terms with the finer details. I have almost sold out of eskimo jackets (theres only one left), so that has spurred me
 on to make another lot soon. I can only manage to complete five at a time and prefer to do just one size, as they are a 22 step process and have 17 pieces to them.
I still need to do the patterns for most sizings so bear with me if you are waiting on one.
 they will be in ladies sizes too!


Melody said...

Well done. Glad it was so successful for you.

The Moerks said...

The wrap dresses are gorgeous and yes you should definitely do them in ladies sizes.

Kate said...

That brown dress is divine!
I would definitely wear it.
You are on to such a good thing I reckon.

zofia said...

hurrah Wendy! What a busy and fulfilling time for you! Do you have another market in Red Hill this Jan?
Oh, mama sizes...better save my pennies xx

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