Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the first ladies wrap

This is the VERY FIRST ladies wrap dress and im so excited for..... well, for me.
I couldnt picture how the fine gingham, in pink of all colours, was going to look and whether I was going to feel like it was 'me' and worthy of putting in The Textured Leaf shop or not.
Well... I LOVE IT!

Ive used the more graphic shaped doileys so they arent too twee. And while were on the subject of english things, the black and white gingham one im finishing next looks so classicly English and I just so happen to love that one too.

No, a circular doiley wouldnt have looked as stylised I think.

The brown coffeeish edging 'dirties' up the pink nicely. I actually asked my sons opinion on edging and we both agreed this one. Ive never asked him before but after our fantastic short making morning the other week hes a bit more interested in what im doing in my studio these days.

I love slicing into the doileys so theyll sew into the seam as I can cut out any holes that may hinder me from using them for other kidswear designs.

Im off to finish the black and white now!
Have you ever heard me so excited before?
Im almost bouncy.


melissa said...

Oooh Lovely!! Love the binding with the pink, Your son has great taste - just like his mum!!!

kirsty said...

you just get better and better Wendy and never cease to amaze me with your creative genius. GO GIRL!


zofia said...

I love it too, and I am not a 'pink' girl.

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