Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a few pincushions

Today I was finishing a few pincushions to place in the shop while cutting out the last two sizes for big girls eskimo patterns and tweaking the design of the lumberjacket.  Im getting somewhere but im still slow. I have to be happy with the slow for now. This last doiley had a fold mark in the centre and ive been staring at it for weeks until thinking that maybe I can actually do a line of running stitch to conceal the stain as the embroidery is still quite lovely. Of course there will be close ups of the 'cover up' but you can never keep a good doiley down,
especially with the doiley drought im experiencing here.

Tomorrow im having a much overdue sewing day with Eleesa from DorothyBills and because I dont have to leave the house, have already declared it a pyjama day.

im the one who...

To the lady staring at me weirdly while I was unloading the pram in 1st floor Southland Myer this morning im the one who was still in my pyjamas staring back in total denial of being
dressed so-five-hours-ago. Im the one who burnt her forehead trying to enter our unpredictable shower after getting home, (realising her unMelbournelike misdemeanour) while the phone was ringing out.
It was only the Mr, afterall.  
Im the one who gratefully washed her hair after a two day delay to discover there was no conditioner left. Im the one who tried to access the credit card account to find it was blocked and found we were overdue last months payment, reached for the other card and bought two pairs of pyjamas anyway. They were on sale okay!?

Before these and many other scenarios involving the men in my life I was the one happily esconced in my home studio listening to the morning wakenings of oak tree nestled birds, and our own little baby bird's murmurings, tidying and beginning my day with dreams of brown paper packages tied up with string. I was the one offering coffee and tea and hot porridge aplenty. I was the one changing white cotton to black.
I was the one sifting through needles and pins and relocating them in their new cushions. Thank you Leonie for my muse, Helena, as she holds the secret to my carded stashes while she protects the teeniest pins waiting to be used for just this purpose. Im the one who revels in doing the little and the strange while there are so many bigger issues at stake. Im the one who was cursing the banks for closing early at four while serenely positive a real estate agent was going to still be open at six. Im the one who wants to yell 'I dont want to!' into the nearest homemade pillow.

Im the one who got to cuddle and watch Violet fall asleep tonight. Im the one now being stroked on the cheek by the Mr on the couch tonight while we hold hands watching his favourite programs. Im the one who will wake up happier tomorrow if I think today wasnt quite what I had in mind.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

holy crap

I was thinking of leaving you just the pictures of life right now but I suppose I should say something or this may be considered meaningless to all those who havent gotten to know us yet.
 Above are the additives that the menfolk decided to add to the beer brew last weekend. It is tasting delicious although seems to be devoid of alcoholic content but we will fail to mention that if I have any say. Which I do, cos this is my blog and not his because I was the one who turned the heater off the other night during fermentation.

My sons' have been missing each other more than we were aware of.

Adelin is happy but needs to feather her nest so weve been looking for houses close by.

My boys are a tad theatrical so anything goes when they get together.

It has taken us three days to get baby Violet into her youngest uncles arms but hey, did he enjoy it once he succumbed to her charms. All I can say in his defence is that he may take after me as before I had had my own babies, I was the most unmaternal person you could meet. I had only ever held a baby twice in my lifetime leading up to the birth of Zjahlii. Total denial.

There has been alot of sitting on my handbag at mealtimes grabbing a bite of pasta, or whatever is going, late at night. Time I hung my bag on a door handle to make room on chairs for the masses.

Alot of old photo reminiscing. Here is Navarh at two months and doesnt he look like his daughter?

The engaged couple from two years ago, time flies and all that. We are all looking forward to whatever life holds.
Corny hey? I cant help it okay!

Friday, June 17, 2011

shop update

size 2
Buttons finally went on this little eskimo.

size 2

Ive lined these little Juniper boots with my favourite craft print at the moment and am able to place them in the shop this evening. I have orange ones almost done but they wont make it before the light fades.

girls size 5-6

I love this hood lining as it has scenes of Little Red Riding Hood.
Off to Etsy now and im also on MadeIt too in case youre wondering.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

my creative space

I was up at 5:30 this morning in my creative space just so I could get something done before the weekend hits. I know its still a whole day away but my 'me' time has become almost non existent and im clutching at any spare moment this week.

Ive done a rough-copy pattern for the Lumberjackets

like the one I made here.

Ive managed to cut a couple of different sizes for the little boots and because I made them in june im calling them Juniper boots!

Theres been a little bit of pin-cushioning these last couple of days but I cant seem to finish more than one in a sitting.
I even managed to lose some in the studio which is quite clear in a tidy way at this point in time so I dont know whats with that?

Check out the other spaces.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Our weekend began in the middle ...
a table set for breakfast before the very unhealthy bacon, eggs
and mushrooms arrived from the kitchen.

A slow morning of warm moments of meeting baby for the first time.

Sunday was one of those all encompassing days full to the hearts brim of presents, eating all day long thanks to the Mr's skills in the kitchen, our sons new dance moves (not the trained dancer, the other one), madness inclusive of ski-gear dress-ups, and I seem to recall piano playing where someones feet were involved to the point of contortionist balancing acts.

I love a man that takes over in the kitchen. All I did was
 and tidy and
wash dishes
Oh.. and walk around in circles while the men even put down a couple of home beer brews!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Its saturday and im hitting pause before things are changed and swapped around for wintertime.
I sometimes forget how we have lived and what was surrounding us at home because of the constant changes I make. Today will see some seasonal changes cos switching things up a bit is what its gonna be all about. A pile of embroideries from our recent travels is staring at me fromt he back table. Ive ironed my *tinyhappy cushion and im feeling as chirpy as the birds I can hear with all this winter sun streaming in. The teenager is down for the count and MrTL is at the gym so I have time to breathe before celebrating a friends anniversary tonight and then were off late for the airport to pick up some very special people.

* (I adore Melissa's things and she was actually my very first ever swap partner)

Friday, June 10, 2011

big girls eskimos

an eskimo for Zofia in size 8

You can see the glow from the heater in these shots for etsy. The days are so short right now and hurrying every day right down to the last moment before the light fades has me rethinking strategies. I should push that bit extra in the evenings now the Mr is on night shift.

Its the little things that are not getting done like buttons being sewn on,
 top stitching, cutting out.
So you caught me, cutting out is a biggie but I have a huge aversion to it nonetheless.  Perhaps im in too much of a hurry to get to the machine?

an eskimo for Sue in size 6

These got finished today after much ado about nothing from me. Two lovely ladies and their kin
have been waiting so patiently (like they had a choice) for their jackets.
In fact all of my customers are way too nice.

After a play with some woolen blanket scraps in the studio (cos I have a little bit too many) I came up with designs ive been wanting to do for a while but wasnt sure I could manage to work out all by myself.

These had to be easy to be able to up-size for women too and universal in fabric choice. Of course leather soles would be good as soon as I get my hands on some offcuts.

I started with this but decided it looked too boyish/mannish for women (like me) and since I love my ugg boots .... well

im just going to have to give these ugg based ones a decent shot
and see if they make some feet happy and warm first. 

p.s. Lumberjackets soon I promise.
At this stage I wont be taking orders but will let you know when I can. I need to loosen
 some creativity first or ill never get them out of my studio and onto the nearest willing body. 
All thoughts/comments are welcome.
Let the wool fly!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I had big plans

source unknown

I lay awake last night making plans for this day. Not that I wanted to lie there for an hour wide awake when I could have been asleep. Every night for two weeks now its the same story and im waking up groggy. And I thought I wasnt a morning person before. Huh! What did I know. I wanted to sew in my new tidy space today. I deserved to have a play and do something exciting, fresh, different. My head is full of ideas and I need to get them out now that im not coughing every. single. moment.

A bit of background knowledge.
MrTL started back at night shift this week. So things feel back to front, not that thats a bad thing, we all need to adjust thats all.

Yep its topsy turvy land at the top of my Faraway Tree.

Allow me to tell you about my very non eventful day. Apart from a needed gift to myself of a nice pair of pyjamas to sloth around in cos thats all I do, isnt it? (pic coming)

I woke (for good) and actually got out of bed at 9:30
put heaters on
made nice salty porridge
filled sink with hot water that is still sitting there but has obviously gone cold (dont like to admit this but hey, ill do them tomorrow)
put washing on
turned dryer on
ironed one shirt and one item to post
checked emails, ironed another thing to post
searched for anything the Mr asked for
 dusted around tv
  a windowsill
performed 1mm from baldness haircut
waved goodbye to the teenager
patted the dog and fed it
vacuumed up hair and while I was at it did half the house as far as the cord would reach
looked at clock, 1st hour gone
drove the Mr to the train station
got told where and how to park
had an argument about not parking fast enough cos he was in a hurry ( I WAS TOO.
 to get rid of bossy him so I can start my day 
how about you get out faster?)
now im awake! no kiss goodbye for you
snuck to the op-shop
bought a light shade and a quilted bedspread
mood picked up slightly
went home to half drunken cup of luke-warm tea
boiled kettle again and made cup of tea number two
poured excess hot water on most offensive weeds in garden (what, you dont do that?)
put rubbish out
wiped up floor around leaking fridge
phoned a friend to say I would be late meeting for coffee
arrived late anyway
"I cant stay longer than an hour or so"
bought very lovely and very needed pyjamas
mood resumed to normal level
helped friend shop for dresses for an italian summer
found two dresses that she'll probably get home and second guess
came home wrapped post parcels
raced to post office
rushed to bank,
wrong one! rushed to other bank
 op-shop was only just still open

where did my day go?
I had big plans for today...

  I have days like this alot. I dont like them very much. They are not productive
 but still full of lots of life stuff. I wish I could streamline my life how ive streamlined my house.
 How great that would be.
I have been sewing tonight and have added one lonely eskimo to the shop. Just squeezed in some photos before the light faded.
one. thing...

I have fifteen more minutes until the Mr gets home.... I wonder if I can cut something new out?


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Im finally sewing again after much ado about the home happenings. Talk about a dry spell.
Over a week off!

With all the moving around of the furniture and to-doings I realised I had parked the big fabric armoire in front of my etsy photo hook/nail, right where I got beautiful light morning and afternoon. Grrr.
So it was back to the old door in the studio until I find another spot. the light in here is looking like I live somewhere in scandinavia with its blue tones.

I spent the morning finishing the final cut of the pattern for the size 16 wrap dress.

I think its a good fit now but ill wait for some healthy customer feedback before I get too ahead of myself. Here is your dress Tiffany. I love this fabric (say that alot dont I?) so much now I see it made up that im going to have to head back to Amitie to buy the last of the roll. 

Ive been going through my clothes trying to find warm things to wear and realise I had put many things in my restyling/rehashing pile (read: large big red white and blue bagful).
Id like to announce im going to have to have a regular day in here where im forced to tackle the not quite right clothes. Feel free to join in. Itll be chaotic and unpredictable I promise.

Here is something I prepared earlier.
This is a scarf I upcycled a while back and have been wearing quite a bit so thought id show you what I did cos it was really quick and had a good effect (I think)
on what was a truly bland number that I wasnt wearing.
I sliced a square linen bird embroidery on an odd angle making sure it would reach across the base of the scarf once I wanted to sew it on. Stitched across, topstitched and voila!
Now it is an always worn scarf. If anyone wants me to do another one to show you more of the process I can, so sing out.

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