Monday, June 13, 2011


Our weekend began in the middle ...
a table set for breakfast before the very unhealthy bacon, eggs
and mushrooms arrived from the kitchen.

A slow morning of warm moments of meeting baby for the first time.

Sunday was one of those all encompassing days full to the hearts brim of presents, eating all day long thanks to the Mr's skills in the kitchen, our sons new dance moves (not the trained dancer, the other one), madness inclusive of ski-gear dress-ups, and I seem to recall piano playing where someones feet were involved to the point of contortionist balancing acts.

I love a man that takes over in the kitchen. All I did was
 and tidy and
wash dishes
Oh.. and walk around in circles while the men even put down a couple of home beer brews!


A Christy Production said...

It all sounds so lovely!

melissa said...

What a gorgeous little Bubba! Your weekend sounds wonderful....i love a man in the kitchen!


Kate said...

oh. my. goodness!!!
That third photo is the most gorgeous baby photo.
All I can say is lucky my Bren is away or I'd be begging for another.
Enjoy her. xx

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