Friday, June 10, 2011

big girls eskimos

an eskimo for Zofia in size 8

You can see the glow from the heater in these shots for etsy. The days are so short right now and hurrying every day right down to the last moment before the light fades has me rethinking strategies. I should push that bit extra in the evenings now the Mr is on night shift.

Its the little things that are not getting done like buttons being sewn on,
 top stitching, cutting out.
So you caught me, cutting out is a biggie but I have a huge aversion to it nonetheless.  Perhaps im in too much of a hurry to get to the machine?

an eskimo for Sue in size 6

These got finished today after much ado about nothing from me. Two lovely ladies and their kin
have been waiting so patiently (like they had a choice) for their jackets.
In fact all of my customers are way too nice.

After a play with some woolen blanket scraps in the studio (cos I have a little bit too many) I came up with designs ive been wanting to do for a while but wasnt sure I could manage to work out all by myself.

These had to be easy to be able to up-size for women too and universal in fabric choice. Of course leather soles would be good as soon as I get my hands on some offcuts.

I started with this but decided it looked too boyish/mannish for women (like me) and since I love my ugg boots .... well

im just going to have to give these ugg based ones a decent shot
and see if they make some feet happy and warm first. 

p.s. Lumberjackets soon I promise.
At this stage I wont be taking orders but will let you know when I can. I need to loosen
 some creativity first or ill never get them out of my studio and onto the nearest willing body. 
All thoughts/comments are welcome.
Let the wool fly!


Jennie said...

Oh my goodness!!!
You are so clever - sooo love the purple coat - but the boots are just brilliant!!X

Kate said...

Everything you touch is glorious (my granma used to say glorious!). You have such a unique and perfect way. Happy and wonderful weekend to you. x

Sarah said...

Those slippers are very, very cute. Looks like you had a better day to day Ms Wendy. Have a fantastic weekend.

Tania said...

My goodness, they are both so creative and pretty.

zofia said...

Oh Wendy-it is gorgeous!
She will flip!

Love those boots too, manly or otherwises.

A Christy Production said...

Love it love it love it. Love them all. I wish I had miniature feet so I could wear those slippers!

KERRY said...

Wow, these are amazing! Those slippers look so cosy! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. Your recipe sounds yum, so if you do get a minute, I would love the recipe

Have a lovely weekend :)

Abbe said...

Funky boots!!!

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