Thursday, September 30, 2010

kitchen chairs fix

Do you like my chairs? I found them outside an op-shop in the country for 1$ each. I know its a long shot but I just cant let these lovely old chairs die a sad death and rot in the sun and rain after theyve had a great life as someones well loved and used kitchen seats.

 I love the shape of them and theyll take a fair bit of patience to get them stable again
 as they both have splits in the seats.

This one has been repaired with large oversized chunks of wood. I was stumped as to how to fix this at first. But im going to use wide metal brackets to mend them so you dont see the bracing from the side view and a good dose of PVA glue in the split.

Would you have bought them or left them sitting there?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

crochet blanket update

 It looks a bit south american from a distance, but alas its not close up...

Ive been working on this blanket and have nearly done twice as much as I had here. The edges are going wonky and I dont know why or how to fix them and I dont really think I care, as long as it doesnt turn triangular I suppose. I think ive been going into the very end stitch instead of the next one in when starting each row. Would that be it? Colourwise ive toned it down to every second row doing a grey or oatmeal or cream. Im liking it much more. Plus there are alot of these drab colours at the op-shops to squeeze into the mix. Above is the part I like.

Below, here is the more colourful start I made at first. I think im nearly halfway.  If I run out of a colour before I finish the row I am joining the next colour that is the closest until the row is finished. Im liking the unexpectedness of this.
I might be finished by next winter. I think it needs more green. What are your thoughts? Please dont hold back. I really want to know what you would add more of.... this has been almost seven years in the making, remember

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

living room textures

The living room for Spring

A couple of new ones added to the mix here at the Textured Leaf home.
 It was sunny today, just what I needed so I have been in the garden.
While coming in for a cup of tea I stumbled across this over at Flea Market Style.

Friday, September 24, 2010

a winner!

The winner of my cushion cover Giveaway is Julie from Narioka!

And she has asked for something pink, so pink it will be.....

here's a little preview for you, Julie.


You know what? If im going to make one I may as well do three.
Willy Wagtail and Copperpatch... youre it!

I may even just celebrate Mr TL mowing the lawns tomorrow with another giveaway.
Who knows how long my good mood will last?

Heres hoping for a sunny weekend......
I want to be in my garden

animation friday

For Animation Friday I thought id show you what I plan wearing at home over summer. I have the habit of referring to the 'look' that I find the easiest for me to don in the dark, wee hours of the morning, 'my uniform'. To myself.... in my head. You know, the kind of thing that you dont have to think about and you find yourself searching for in the washing pile because its so easy and simple to wear. The style that works for you. is my summer 'uniform'.
gif animator online

Its easy, light, breezy, feminine, and theres loads of these peasant skirts hanging out at the op-shops since when they were actually in fashion, and I happen to still LOVE them. I feel nice in them. Who said twirling is only meant for little girls?

What do you like wearing around the house that isnt really 'in' anymore? Do tell...

I love heading over to My Poppet to see all the fun.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

studio fix

wasnt sewing in this..... to be honest.
I was sewing in the dining room.
When I sewed for the markets the other day, this was the mess I spoke about.

Everything you see in this picture is a work in progress.
 Including the cabinet from the roadside.

Even these machines are in various stages of being fixed. One needs a foot, one needs a rubber, one needs to go to the dump. No, thats true. The machine man told me to go to the dump on my way home from dropping in to ask him about it. I was horrified. It cost me $7! Ill be sewing on it til it dies and then I might be inclined to bury it in the back yard under the oak while the dog looks on. If I can manage to bury a sheep I can bury a sewing machine. Dont ask.

It gets self explanatory from here...well because ive explained it...

I need to water that plant ....

P.S. Dont forget tomorrow is the last day to enter my giveaway!

my creative space

Today im in my studio fine-tuning the space and hanging artworks that ive started framing. The hardest part is choosing which ones to hang as we have so many from over the years. Also because weve started going to life drawing together our collection grows each week by about four or five!

Check out Kootoyoo for crafty goodness.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my place and yours

                                                                     newly hung rack

This weeks theme over at Hello Owl is 'A day in your life'. This was a really productive day that I had this week. I did lots of odd jobs that required tools. Here is how things turned out.

1. First stop was my new studio. I hung a rack which holds my trimmings up off the floor and it fit perfectly beside an inbuilt bookshelf.

no hole covers left (oops)

2. I removed the plastic hole plugs, (you know the ones, they cover the holes youre not using so the cupboard looks nicer) for the silly kitchen cupboard above the sink which didnt seem to fit anything much in it because it had these wire racks in it, not shelves! The plugs came away in pieces (I cut them off as they were so old) and I had to drill them out to be able to replace them with the holders for where I wanted the shelves to go. Ill paint them later.

3. I painted the disgusting cupboard that I didnt like to put anything in as it was so gross. Were renting so I hope my landlord doesnt see this!

Im a bit high on paint fumes but im deliriously happy with what I accomplished.

Thanks for hosting, Danielle.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my new look laundry

I dont enjoy folding washing one little bit so something needed to be done to enhance the surroundings. This pile was blocking the lovely morning sunlight.
The old table I had in the laundry was needing a fresh coat of paint. The last time I painted it was when my son (who has just got married) moved into his first bedroom alone. Too when I woke up the other morning the first thought that popped into my head was, 'it must be blue'. Kind of a 'deco' blue. Off to Bunnings and I pretty much grabbed the first colour card that caught my eye. I did check it in the sunlight to make sure it wasnt going to be too icy.
Dude at door, "Bye. Have a nice day".
Me, "I will. Im coming back in a second for paint".

I like the old borer life it has had, so leaving the holes, I painted it just how it was. It fits two large baskets under it perfectly. Ill use this table to iron on. I have always had an unhealthy, never to be explained loathing for ironing boards. Ironing is second to folding on my least-likely-to-attempt-today list.

P.S I did something naughty with the paint last night. Hope my landlord doesnt read my blog. Post coming soon about that!

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