Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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Moda Plume

In my creative space today im researching fabrics for some more quilts I want to start. Yes im going to start two more but thats only because I deserve to. Ive been good.

I have been sewing lots of different things this week and have surprised myself how good it feels to be putting the finishing touches on lots of things.

One of these things is Mali's quilt! Yay! Im on to hand stitching the binding on.
So this is what ill be tackling today on and off, and hopefully finishing by tonight! 
I had really been dragging my feet with the quilting. I found that I didnt like it until I was finished..... I wasnt completely liking the stitch I was doing (mostly because it was hard on my shoulders and arms) and then I saw the light at the end of the tunnel as it 'filled up'. Does this happen to anyone else? I suppose it helps if you follow a more traditional approach. Not alot of forethought or knowledge went into mine. Ive only finished one quilt to date, remember.

Im not up with proper quilting terminology and dont know how to explain what I did in the end other than to admit that is was totally randomly stitched in big swirls to finish it off. Ill have some pics up soon as I still have the upload problem. Ive been faithfully taking lots for you. Then later on ill try to do my best to explain the entire process from start to finish in one post.

In other groundbreaking news Ive been informed that im going to be a grandmother again!
Remember the wedding I went to recently?
Yes, thats the one. Well, they have found out they are expecting! Somehow we are not surprised as these two have had their kids names chosen from early on.
Mr TL and I are elated and
we keep walking around smiling at each other.

Anyway thats enough from me for now.
Grab your cup of tea and head over to Kootoyoo
( mines a byron bay chai, thanks for asking)


Copper Patch said...

Congratulations!!! A quilt nearly finished and a new grand baby. Wonderful xx

Kate said...

Oh my goodness that is the most exciting news!! yay!! And huge congrats to you and your Brendon. Would love a look at the almost finished quilt. X

The Clip Cafe said...

What a nice post!!

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