Sunday, September 19, 2010


Mantle piece for Spring

Okay, so im pretty chuffed to find that ive reached fifty followers but im also just simply celebrating life and spring and my kids and being a grandparent and other happy moments I have lived lately.
Time to share some goodness with a giveaway!

I dont have a photo of what im giving away because id like a bit of input to make it more personal for you ladies. Would you like to leave me your favourite colour when you comment and ill be whipping you up one of these cushion covers to suit your decor. I even dont mind if you have a different size and shape in mind. I like the slightly smaller elongated pillow style, but you may prefer to have one to fit an existing cushion so you dont need to make a cushion to fit.

Ill announce the winner friday

Happy Spring


MonetPaisley said...

hehehehehe, you know i need cushion covers, hehehe, blue is the order of the day, how are you going you wonder woman you?

the textured leaf said...

Im just dandy.
Blue it is. (if you win)

Knicky Knacks said...

Great idea for a giveaway. I'm a sucker for a minty green. I've recently recovered my couch which is in need of some cute scatter cushions so count me in.

Kate said...

They are all such wonderfuI things to celebrate!
If I were lucky enough to win,I would adore you, with your gorgeous taste and all, to design a cushion you think I would love. Fingers crossed.

Tracey said...

oh how lovely, count me in, I agree with Kate, your taste is gorgeous.

Julie said...

Springing up the mantle. What a great idea, I might do the same. I have brown bottles and ink wells on mine at present. I've got lots of pretty glass bottles too.
Great giveaway idea. It would have to be pink if I was the lucky winner. I'm slowly collecting misc. cushions for my daughters bed and her quilts all have pink in them,

willywagtail said...

Wow! Would love to win some cushions made by you. Is white a colour? I think so. Cherrie

angelina said...

yellow! happy happy spring to you !

Vic said...

Rainbow is an acceptable colour, isn't it! Congrats on your followers milestone; here is to many more clever peeps finding your lovely little slice of blockage! (...and now I must cross everything, so many nude cushions over here, I cannot begin to tell you!)

Michelle Macdonald said...

Nice mantle, very noice!
I like tomato red at the moment.

zofia said...

Oh wow, lucky person indeed!
Green is my fav. ;)
Congrats on the big 50!

Alison said...

Congrats on reaching 50. Wahoo!!
What a lovely idea.
I think red would be very cheerful.

Copper Patch said...

Ooh hope I'm not too late! Well done on reaching 50 stalkers. I like red but my favourite colour is green.
Abs x

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