Friday, October 2, 2009


Now I know these images are really blurry. But this is why I found them interesting. I took them with my camera phone while I was at my mothers house. You know when you have those rainy days going through old photos and letters, talking about relatives and family trees? I have always loved this shot of my mother. I tried to take it as close up as possible, and in the best light, because I thought i would enjoy simply having it as my screen saver. Looking back on it recently I started thinking that it would be a really beautful addition to my wall as a large scale pop-art style art work. Im married to an artist but I intend to do this myself on yet another rainy day. I dont know how ill go about it really but i have an extensive fanned colour chart and ill start there. Oh and ill need to purchase a canvas of course

organized books

One saturday morning recently my husband and I woke up and decided to colour co-ordinate our bookcase, it was a bit more me than him admittedly. When we moved in to our place we were so surprised to find that the books we had never been able to fit into all our other houses (most of them have been in boxes for over ten years) actually all fit into this one side of the lounge. We have even more shelves on the other side of this room! Well, needless to say Im very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend trying this at your place. Things are easier to put away than you would think because its pretty idiot proof. as you walk by you may see something in the wrong coloured spot and immediately know where it belongs! It was way more enjoyable to do than you might think too.

waiting for baby

I came across this photo of my daughter while looking for something to post. She was waiting for baby to arrive and I got a surprise visit from her and her husband, which was really nice.They live an hour away. In this shot she is trying to hide the yoghurt she is eating because everytime someone has taken her photo during her pregnancy she seems to be eating. Now that I think of it perhaps she just stopped by to visit my fridge and not us afterall!
I think she looks beautiful here and has since had her own daughter, Mali

Thursday, October 1, 2009

a finished quilt

A photo of another quilt but ive actually completed this one. It was so quick to do as I made it up as I went along. I didnt stop to think about it too much, I simply sewed some strips together until it was about half a single bed size. The only thing that I had decided upon was a stricter colour palette than usual, being red and green. I then laid it out on the floor and cut it up into big squares. I found a piece of vintage fabric or 2 and cut these up into the same size squares and chequerboarded them until I had the full single bed size I was after.


I seem to always have quilts on the go. My first one was this ambitious one above(520 squares) but all of my friends were doing the exact same design so it became very easy when we had each other for company while sitting outside on gorgeous sunny mornings in my courtyard. We swapped squares and helped each other cut out over cups of tea. everyone else finished theirs 3 years ago and mine is 'almost done', so I keep telling myself. It is the one thing that is always out near my sewing table within easy reach, just in case today is the day I finally finish it

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