Saturday, December 31, 2011

a curious discount

Danielle and the girls, who happen to be friends of mine, are having an end of year sale over at Curious Bazaar.
Read about it here.

Friday, December 30, 2011

a dress for nadya

Here is your dress Nadya. I never thought this fabric would turn out as nice because to be honest its not one of my favourites from the line up. Thanks for being nicely patient while I got through all my market chaos.

size 16

Its even odder to think that this olivey green siamese print above is one I admire (its new, ill add it to the sample page soon) and thought it would look stunning made up only to see the photos dont do it justice. Im of the thought that dark fabrics against the wall in this very sunlit house dont photograph well.

The shop update today.

nice things

I woke up late today as The Mr was leaving for work. He didnt even ask me to drop him but left me to sleep  which is rare. While I lay there I remebered our conversation from last night and the things he said were a small little poetry of life as he sees it. He surprises me like this every now and then only I shouldnt be surprised, I should know him by now.

'you know you plan a life
and then you have kids
and then they have kids
if I die tomorrow I am fulfilled
because I have known you'

So I woke remembering and today I should be happy but am feeling a bit melancholy.
It will be one of those days when he is at work and ill miss him all day long.

Much is happening. The youngins move out today.
It is a turning point in all our lives and im feeling empty and full all at once.

A very nice thing happened just before when I was endeavouring to cut out some more wraps but not really feeling it as my mind was elsewhere. I saw a comment from Melinda on yesterdays post alerting me that she had recieved her wrap dress. She posted a picture of her wearing it and she has boosted my spirits more than she perhaps realised it would.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

marquee is mexican for umbrella

 At our house marquee, is from this moment, a mexican word for umbrella.
There was a taking out of the van and a setting up of a pivotal marquee for a mexican party last weekend.
Ill begin by admitting it was such a well thought out night by the youngins with mexican food aplenty that they had been working on for days leading up to the event. Adelins salsa is an experience no-one should be denied. I really admire well thought out plans especially as its not really a foremost quality of mine.
And so as happenstance has it... in the aftermath someone forgot to put my marquee back in the van for wednesdays market. I was asked about it in the tidy up the next day but I was busy sewing, and then I really forgot.


Tuesday night, I stayed an hour away from home in Mornington with a close friend down from Sydney who wants to learn how to do markets too. (Someone needs to alert her that I cant teach anyone a thing.) 
Anyhow, we were happily spending the evening finishing a few things, sewing and catching up, and after leaving Esther to her adrenalin fueled machining at 3am I sat bolt upright in bed remembering the forgotten marquee. 
One trip out to the van to confirm and a rough plan to visit Bunnings to buy an umbrella in the morning I finally fell asleep getting a couple of hours.

Subsequently im not having a good day today. Im tired and a bit sunburnt.

I had highlights during the day with Eleesa coming to visit, blessing me with her quilt makings to juice up the stall a bit and indulging me by trying on some new silk scarf tops only to find it difficult to decide on the blue or the red? 

She chose the red. 

 All I can think about right this moment is that I need to get stuck into some serious patchworking to realign my something-or-other when I work out what needs resetting but I simply have no energy. There might be Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner to wallow.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


On the weekend we visited family who have recently moved across from Adelaide to Melbourne.
Such a nice way to spend a midsummers evening. This is their new home full of vintage and homemade delights.
The Mr and I were caught up in emotion towards the end of the night as it was the first time we have heard our niece sing. I cant put into words or begin to describe how it felt to hear her voice. We both cried.

If you would like to see more of their home, Evee's blog is here.


Weve been in this house almost six months and things are about to change.

The youngins, my son and his wife are about to move into their own little cottage down the road, not too far away so we can still see baby everyday. The big day is friday. 

I was home alone this morning and, as I usually tend to do, took photos to remember the house this way before we do some big shifting around. I dont quite know how I will find the energy or time but im sure adrenalin will have a fair bit to do with it by the weeks end.

I havent shown you inside any cupboards since I did the big organise I uncleverly named '11 rooms 11 days'.
(I was meant to do 1 room per day but I think it took me over 3 weeks in the end).
Anyhow, this is where I keep my patchworking and homestyle fabrics for cushions and curtains, near the long table out the back. The close proximity to a clear space is supposed to help in the finishing of things. Sometimes it does but most of the time they sit. Customers have been asking for cot quilts so ill need to do something along those lines.

A chair among other pieces of furniture is still waiting for a coat of paint and a new seat, hence the disguising cushion.

I love the embroidery on this even though I strongly dislike hot pink. Go figure.

Both of these cabinets in the hallway have craft related things filling them too. The first is full of old tins with buttons and buckles and beads and jewellery tools, etc and the other is full of embroideries from our travels.
I wonder how my family puts up with me taking over the house in this way, but I guess I have slowly got them used to it.

The studio is tidy for the first time since the makeover, taking me less than half an hour, cringe, but ill be back in there tonight anyway so it wont last.

The cutting table has healthy stacks of clothes waiting to be made up.

Oh and these are the pom poms I mentioned the other day only im not sure if I can part with any just yet they are the most lushious old green. 

I spent yesterday afternoon in my office (the bedroom) doing an inventory type stocktake to help me feel organised for the start of new year.

All of these rooms will get a revamp in the next couple of weeks as I find time.
I like change alot but the Mr doesnt. This time round he will be getting my studio and the lounge room next to it that was Navarh and Adelins to do his artwork in so im thinking he will be pretty happy about that.
I will be moving into the loft like I originally wanted and the couch potato will come downstairs into a bedroom and ill also score a guest bedroom which was baby's room complete with extra wardrobe space to hang things im working on which will be wonderful to have for a little while.

Happy tuesday to you!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

velvet cardigans

size 1-2

size 8-10

size 4-5

Because all sorts of different things have been selling this month, ive been making anything that pops into my head as far as replenishing stock goes. These cardigans were fun to cut out and play with on the day I had in between the two markets last week. Made from old jumpers I have collected for their colours over the few months since the last batch. I amazed myself with the little time I had left, proving again I am definitely a deadline sort of sewer.
ill have the sizes in between for the upcoming markets.

I will be at Red Hill on january 7th and Rose Street Artists market on the 14th as well as my regular Mornington Main street which is on every wednesday.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

last nights market

Yesterdays market was an unusual one.

It was my first time at a Trash and Treasure type market as up til now I had done Craft or Makers markets but ive been wanting to explore what one of these would be like.

I forgot I needed to pay at the gate (normally prepaying ahead of time) and only had half the fee on me because id left my change purse at home (arghhh, first time for everything) it was hanging safely on its hook in the bedroom. The gate guy was pretty grumpy but I promised to go straight to the bank before setting up and give him the other half so he let me in.

Some familiar faces kept stopping and chatting to the stall across the way where there was a mum and two girls so I promptly went over and asked how they knew each other. Turns out they knew everyone I knew and once my closer friends and family arrived it became a bit of a gathering, taking the kids back and forth to the beach while us girls enjoyed a glass of champagne. A very nice way to spend a market!

In the middle of all this (my stall was full of people!) a lady approached me about placing some things in her new shop at Sorrento. My first reaction was to put her off as I like things how ive got them right now but after we got talking I said ill come to visit. Im trying to stop myself from being so insular.

This is my new friend Ruby, she sews too!
In the background is Tiarna and out of shot there was Tamika who all three spent most of their time in my stall trying things on 1. cos it was fun and 2. cos it was cooler.
Thanks girls for allowing me to see my older size things on and giving me hints on what you like and would wear.

You never know what youll see at one of these and almost bought these chairs for the youngins as they have found a place closeby and move out next week. Lucky I didnt cos Adi doesnt like them one bit.

I almost bought one or two of these but decided to say no to myself.
I did end up getting a lovely tin with a scene of Venice but its in the back of the van so ill show you later.
Oh and I got the most amazing green pompom-ed ribbon you have ever laid eyes on which I cant wait to use for winter.
 And my excuses for having a few winter hoods in the middle of summer are

surprisingly my winter things have been selling
I had the strongest urge to make them
this is Melbourne (we have year round unpredictable weather if you dont live here)
 I like unpredictable things

Next week I will be back at Rosebud but across the road at the Rosebud Primary School market.
Ive heard good things about it so cant wait.

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