Thursday, December 22, 2011

village green twilight market

Im off to Rosebud tomorrow to be part of the Village Green Trash and Treasure Twilight market held on the foreshore right in the heart of it all. It is a scrape-in-by-my-teeth-skin decision so ill let you know how it goes. 
The back table is full of all sorts of different things today. I cant focus when I only have one day between markets so im attempting a bit of everything. I realise its going to be hot tomorrow but this morning I worked on some hoods, I couldnt help it.

Ive been noticing marle pom poms popping up on the web lately so decided to try my hand at one when I couldnt find the perfect green I was after for the hood above.

Secretly all week now ive been hoping to fill these coathangers with womens wrap dresses and waking up to them each morning has done the trick and helped me focus. Ive got them on the table cut out ready. I was going to enlist the help of the couch potato to trim my cottons as I go but after nudging me to take him opshopping, (yes he has finally succumbed to my way of life) he has gone to the beach. I put the hard word on the Mr instead and he will be cutting out some late night baby shoes once he gets in from work. Gotta love that man. 

A happy thursday to you!


Kate said...

A happy Thursday to you Miss Wendy.
I hope your market is wonderful.
I am totally loving those hoods and the thought of the cotton snipping bot. xx

willywagtail said...

And a happy Thursday to you too. Glad you've finally gotten the couch potatoe trained. "Village Green" sounds so romantic doesn't it? Hugs Cherrie

Copper Patch said...

Happy marketing Tree Girl xx

MonetPaisley said...

Oh wow! didn't even know it was on... Will have to come and visit. What time does it finish? time for a quick tipple afterwards? Or should I bring some champers to you? are you allowed to drink at a twilight market????

Elaine Wong said...

What are your thoughts with the wrap dresses come Winter? Sleeves? Guess it may be a bit too hot to think about this at the moment though

Lotti said...

Lots of luck with the market .... might be good right near Christmas and people wanting to buy last minute gifts, that something little extra.

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