Thursday, December 8, 2011

boys t-shirts

Over the last week ive been slowly working on a pile of stripey t-shirts for boys. Not short sleeved but 3/4 as there are enough of the average short sleeved out there to choose from. So far I am doing sizes 1 - 5 and ill see how they go at market before doing the larger sizes. I used to make these sort of t-shirts for my three boys in odd striped fabrics I found, mixy and matchy. I enjoy the playfulness of putting different knits together, and creating with no restrictions, although I thought the creamy one looked a bit pyjama-like so have tried not to use it as a front. 

Ill be updating the shop over the next day.

My creative list is huge for the remainder of the year as I have some major markets coming up.
Things like
boys shorts
envelope neck tees
and most importantly summer clothes for me!
Stay tuned friends cos im revved.*

* Because I just folded three weeks worth of washing after helping a friend go through her wardrobe today.
Have you ever seen the movie Shopaholic? Well I acquired the most divine green scarf to bring home from Carol's cast offs. Yay!


Lotti said...

I really love the t-shirts and just love the 3/4 length sleeves. They are great.

MonetPaisley said...

Gorgeous t-shirts! I love the spotty cream fabric :-) Hope to see you next Wednesday xxx

Caroline said...

Love these, and you make them look so easy. Wish I wasn't scared of knit fabrics!

Bec said...

I love the boys shirts, are you putting any on etsy? I will keep watching x

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