Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my favourite cardigan

I have a favourite cardigan but alas it wont last me til next winter. It was already looking shabby and then I stained it in the wash with some mystery ingredient. I cut up about five or six old jumpers into the same shape and have made up the first one.  

Its still very early stage especially as the edges are cut raw and needs top stitching to problem solve any warping. Im happy with it so far and a bit excited about the others that ive cut up. I mean, think about it. Imagine having your favourite cardigan in every colour. See. Exciting hey? 

size 12
Im plugging away at a pile of cut out wrap dresses for the market tomorrow at Mornington.
Its going to be a long day because the day market keeps on going, becoming a twilight market. It goes til 8pm. I love twilight markets so am really looking forward to it. It will be an earlier than usual night for me tonight though.

I didnt need another overnight case, I wasnt looking on purpose, promise but the Mr told me to buy it after we spotted it while taking Violet out for a chai yesterday. It needs a good scrub but its the perfect size. Oops, I havent even looked inside yet, so hopefully its just the outside thats grubby. 

I found a couple of cushions (middle) and couldnt resist them as they are buttoned, even though they are only from Freedom.

There is an updated page for the womens wrap dresses in my sidebar due to finding a few new vintage cottons the other day. The first one on the list is destined to be a dress for me. Ive also added some designer fabrics to the mix that are not in stock and will need to be ordered but as soon as they land in my letterbox I will do my best to make them the same day.

Three posts in one day is quite enough, especially since im so, ahem! busy sewing, so its back to the machine....


Maxabella said...

You are too clever, recreating an old favourite. It's like knitting cloning! x

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Wendy - I have linked this post up on The Yellow Cardigan <3 Hope that's okay! xx

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