Friday, December 30, 2011

nice things

I woke up late today as The Mr was leaving for work. He didnt even ask me to drop him but left me to sleep  which is rare. While I lay there I remebered our conversation from last night and the things he said were a small little poetry of life as he sees it. He surprises me like this every now and then only I shouldnt be surprised, I should know him by now.

'you know you plan a life
and then you have kids
and then they have kids
if I die tomorrow I am fulfilled
because I have known you'

So I woke remembering and today I should be happy but am feeling a bit melancholy.
It will be one of those days when he is at work and ill miss him all day long.

Much is happening. The youngins move out today.
It is a turning point in all our lives and im feeling empty and full all at once.

A very nice thing happened just before when I was endeavouring to cut out some more wraps but not really feeling it as my mind was elsewhere. I saw a comment from Melinda on yesterdays post alerting me that she had recieved her wrap dress. She posted a picture of her wearing it and she has boosted my spirits more than she perhaps realised it would.


BOB & MABEL said...

I've just checked out Mel's gorgeous dress, I think its time I had one too.

Pam said...

I've just come over from Mel's blog and your dress looks fab on her Wendy. Love the lace pockets and the simple lines of the dress.
I do hope your melancholy passes. Once your love gets home, that should help, yes? :)
All the best for the New Year which sounds like will have many changes for you. :)

willywagtail said...

It looks beautiful. Lovemthe softness of the colours against the clean white lace. Sorry I didn't comment yesterday but was too exhausted for words. Love the back of Eleesa's red top. Hugs Cherrie

Kate said...

I've had such a similar day.
My Bren is in Melbourne and I've been feeling a bit lost all day too. And then a blog post completely blew my mind and made me all happy again. Crazy upsy downsy world. And your dress looks divine on Mel. xx

Kim H said...

What a lovely blog you have here:) I've just popped over via Loved. Melissa's dress is gorgeous so I had to check out your blog. Equaly as lovely. I love finding new places to hang out. I'm thinking your blog may just be my new hang out:)

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