Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a swap

Rachel from Squiggly Rainbow is having a Bunting Swap.
If youre interested, like me, head on over and check out her plan as it seems really easy to join in and shes included some lovely inspiration for us too! 

a stopping day

We had a huge weekend with family and before I knew what I was doing it was too late. Ive put my shoulder out lifting the grandkids too much and wrongly. The sort of 'out' that sees your shoulder differ from the other one by two inches in height and makes your arm go numb rendering it useless to the point that you want to cry in a corner, any corner will do. 
There are three grandkids all of a sudden so its no wonder. I tend to think im stronger than I am right now. So its been watching movies and slowing down for me these last two days. Any suggestions for whats good to watch at the moment? Ive caught up on all the Grand Designs I had taped...

Ive hit the productive wall. Its not that I dont want to sew, its just that my body, in particular my shoulders and back are telling me to stop. Not slow down, but stop completely.
The problem is that I have a few unfinalised custom orders so its not a very good time for this to happen.
I struggled so much at the beginning of today and wasnt moving 'right' that I spilt bleach on a dress as I was ironing it. Then another disaster when I realised I had completely finished a jacket only to discover the hood had a stain in the wool I hadnt noticed before. This sometimes happens when I cut out at night that I dont see the imperfections until the following day.

On the upside, you know how im always coming home from the market exhausted? the put-myself-straight-to-bed kind of exhausted? Well it seems I forgot to update the shop with these few things a whole month ago. I was pleased to discover them and that I can manage a shop update with no sewing needed after all.

Love the brown and citrus check blanket for eskimos right now. Its saying dusted boho.
The orange one is an order headed off to the UK as we speak.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

a conversation

Nav: Before you say anything about spending they were half price....

Adi: They look exactly like your Bally's!

Nav: I want to show you something,

Adi: They are the same shoe.

Nav: They look really clowny. I want to wear them casual.

So... yeah, my son is a clown in his casual life then?

Only the dog knows the truth....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

etsy finds: a feature

Have you heard? shop, Little Tree Kids was featured on Etsy Finds yesterday. 
Thanks for letting me know Christy and Monique.
Yay me right? I know youll all be happy for me,
 but I admit I kind of went into a small panic. There I was rather merrily thinking Eskimo season was over and very ready to begin sewing some anticipated summer dresses, simpler too (did I ever tell you those eskimos take 22 steps to stitch up and have 17 pieces?). It seems being on a feature page of Etsy is not for the feint of heart. Ive got myself under control now, though it wasnt an easy day for me. Im a bit worried that I wont be able to keep up. 

For today, here is the latest eskimo of the machine and it looks like orders are going to keep coming in from overseas now. So much for doing things by the season? (which I can never quite manage to nail anyhow).

The light was fading again, even in this bright sunlit house, and this still needs top stitching but I sneakily have photos for the shop. What did someone once call this stage? the stage where something looks finished but needs a bit more stitching?
 'Blog ready' I think. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

our home - a close up

I like to see inside others homes so heres a little house tour of the new place.

Please dont kid yourself that our house always looks this tidy,
I was home alone today and was able to 'finalise' a few rooms and quickly take pictures
before it got messy again.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

sculpting, scones, sunshine

This weekend was oddly eventful for us. I mean it was full of odd events.
We baked scones. Together. That is, both our hands were in the bowl at the same time.
Nothing like this ever happens with us, especially lately as were always doing things that need to be done seperately. Rushing here, picking so and so up from there, grabbing groceries late at night, if at all.
So the scone thing kind of became an event.

Then there was the sculpting/fixing of the marble slab weve been holding onto for years
supposed to be for our one-day-fireplace. We had it leaning up against the fence and it got smashed when the next door neighbours dog jumped against it. It lay there depressingly for a couple of days then I ran over it and broke it some more. Weve been sculpting it over the weekend and now it will become two cheese platters. 

Somebody likes being outside in the sunshine and it was the sunniest day here in Melbourne. For the first time I brought the washing in and didnt have to put it through
 the drier to undampen it. Bring on the Spring!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

womens wrap dress samples for spring


I am setting up this page/link so I can provide an easy link to customers
 who wish to see some fabrics.
So here are the latest womens wrap dress samples in house ready for Spring.
 These are mainly cotton vintage sheeting but all colours of gingham are available too if youre after that fifties housewife look!

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