Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the bad things about moving

You begin the first day and after a few van loads (the furniture was to come later), you think the place is starting to look pretty good. You hang a few paintings,
wander through the house working out where things will go,

then make the bed ready for the scheduled power to come on.

You make a phone call to the company double checking yourself, and wait in hope until the light slowly goes and leaves you in a cold dark house. The electricity doesnt come on til the next day
 so you have to go back to the old place
and find spare blankets and mattresses.

You have no idea that the things piling up at the front door are going to stay there for two weeks because you realise you dont know where to put them even if you get time, which you dont.
You finally stand back and look at the kitchen splashback
and know instantly (now) its not one of your colours. 

Despite being almost an identical size to the one you just left,
 the hallway cupboard doesnt fit your linen in and youre going to have to declutter some stuff you love becasue the last one was full to the brim.

Others have a chance to unwind and fall asleep when they havent yet done anything to help for that day.
(and you wonder why I call him the couch potato)

Getting to day seven, the halfway point, and thinking that you have
enough furniture at the new place already, when the real big stuff hasnt come yet.

Standing in the bedroom in a rare quiet moment not wanting or having the chance to find fresh clothes for the next day

when someone who has been asleep half the afternoon comes in asking for his.

Having to still sew into the night

to keep things moving in real life, the one you cant remember.

Creating a sanctuary knowing chaos awaits you beyond the door and youre going to have to face it.
Wanting to put things away when there is no furniture.

Our removalists came three hours late after id waited by myself at the house where there was nothing to do, when there was so much to do at the new one. Oh, I rang twice to make sure they were coming and then left for home and got a phone call once in the shower from a guy wondering where I was!
I rescheduled for the next day as we had no time to find or book another removalist only to get two useless guys who had been on the job for three weeks, guy no. 1, and three days, guy no. 2.
They took 6 hours to do two loads of large furniture. No boxes, just easy stuff.
I had to call one of my boys and all four of us had to lift the piano.

There is more of the bad but I feel like this is getting stale and boring as its old news now. Were in!
 and our days have returned to a kind of normal. I even baked
my first batch of scones at the new place last night!
They were the food processor recipe but its still a good one.
Shall I share it with you?


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! i kinda hope i never have to move house. thanks so much for the shout out on facebook wendy, you're a champ.


zofia said...

Oh phew. Sounds like a time not to be repeated!
Hooray for being in.
Trying times here too as well. We took out our sagging back wall-eek! and put up a new one.
Unbelievable really, as we are not renovators.
I wish you happy settling-in vibes. xx

MonetPaisley said...

Thats ridiculous, didnt you hire them especially because they move pianos? And a baby arrived in the middle of all that.... Which brings me to the real question... Where are th baby photos??? And the sc ok ne recipe you promised... Problem is my food processor is broken too!

A Christy Production said...

Wendy, I concur! I am so exhausted. This moving saga is not yet over for us either. We are four weeks in now! It has taken me all week to clean the old house ready to hand in keys tomorrow. Today was pest control and carpets, and weeding and sweeping the exterior, wiping down the garage door (who does that anyway?) bla bla bla bla bla. I am so glad to hand in those darn keys. Then I never have to look at it again. Now to unpack on the other end. It is SLOWLY getting there. It's getting a bit overwhelming though. I just want everything to be normal and fix itself! Oh, and for my body to stop aching from all the work!

wendy hill said...

Oh no Christy! I would have told you not to move!
Well! We handed in OUR keys and then they wanted us to go BACK and get some tiny little mark off the back of the laundry door????!! We had to squint to see it. I think they did it just to annoy us and IT DID. It was so inconvenient to go back and get the keys and return them once we'd spent all of two minutes finding and getting rid of the almost non-existent mark. I could go on and on(obvious). I told you I had more 'bad'...Glad we didnt have a garage hah, x

Emma Thomsen said...

OK I get it now, I'm relatively new to your Blog and looked back at some of your old blogs. I see you recently moved house. So you're kind of in the doldrums right now, life has been on 'high octane' dealing with a house sale/purchase/move and suddenly it's over! It's like the end of an era, you no longer have that stress and you miss the 'adrenaline buzz' if you know what I mean. Maybe think of Christmas and start planning for that, you may start feeling in control again.... just a thought.

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