Sunday, August 14, 2011

in the middle of the night


I couldn't sleep last night so up I got at precisely 2:33 and pulled on some socks so I wouldn't wake anyone with my footfall and headed into the sewing room. I'd already been laying awake for over an hour so why not make up some lost time and try to make a real difference by morning I thought.
It was so easy in the middle of the night, while all my distracters were asleep to stay focused on the one thing in front of me. I had decided to take it from ground zero. To empty out all of my storage containers and completely rethink the whole room with a fresh eye and it worked. Boy did it work. Ive been buzzing all day today and my lost sleep still hasnt caught up with me. It helped that everyone has been on board and we have had another big clearing and sorting day.
I've got roast to serve up and although I utterly and completely deserve to be secretly posting this from the inner sanctum of my walk in robe, id better not let the fire go out a second time or ill never hear the end of it!

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