Wednesday, November 25, 2009

quilted cushion

I have had this quilt for about 15 years and the edges were getting worse and wearing out with every wash. It needed a new life so I sewed two european sized cushions from the remaining good parts of a beautiful old vintage quilt. I probably wont leave it outside for use on the hammock as it is here.
I stitched on an edging ribbon as the quilt was too thick to do a normal hem and doubled it over to encase the raw edge.

I have my nannas trusty old Singer and it sews through everything.

a dress for etsy

My etsy shop is revving up and I have been doing a few custom orders. This is a size 3 dress I really enjoyed making this week. It proved challenging as the embroidery was too wide at the shoulders so I decided to pin-tuck the centre back.

Friday, November 20, 2009

charmed, Im sure

This is a friends home in Ireland. She hasnt touched it for more than 20 years as its location is remote. Most things in Ireland seemed remote, actually. We stayed here overnight recently and I couldnt resist snapping happily away at what I consider to be some of the most amazing decor Ive seen first hand. It was a good lesson for me to perhaps leave certain rooms untouched in my next renovation and enjoy them in all their glory.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

twilight market

I made some vintage envelopes for a twilight market happening nearby. Its best not to overthink these things or I talk myself out of them. My lovely neighbour (pictured in the long mushroom skirt) across the road urged me to add to her stall. "Just anything will do", she said, so I tried not to worry too much and had fun. I was nearly ready to leave and discovered that I would need some bags for purchases. I ran up some paper bags on my trusty old machine . These proved just as popular as my stationery and were a good form of advertising. I sold a few sets of stationery and was able to meet people who gave positive feedback about my things on offer. The potter you see was a really nice man and such a good advertisement for the local arts group where the market was being held. Ummmm, I think i might take up pottery....

Friday, November 13, 2009


I found this fantastic metal rack at the op shop the other day for only $5 and immediately I knew I would use it for my embroidered trimmings and ribbons and bias bindings etc. I have mounted it on a wall in the studio. Whenever im sewing now, I can walk to it and hold my item close up and see immediately what will 'go' instead of having to rifle my way through boxes of tangled trims.

my iris painting

My husband began this painting of irises a few years back now. Its very unfinished in his eyes but I have always loved it as it is. In fact, every time he tries to finish it I make him promise not to lose the painterly effect of it, because I have become so used to seeing it this way. Silly me cos I would still love him to finish it.

spice jars

Ive had my spices in old glass jars for a few years now but whenever someone new comes to visit me they love this idea. With a big family I have always bought my spices in bulk so the small supermarket jars dont even come into the equation for me. There were so many of these at my local thrift shops that it would have been a shame not to find a use for them. I love the colours and they are ready at hand because who would want these to hide away in the pantry.
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