Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my first attempts

I wanted to show these wrap tops for little girls. I made them with a lot of play in mind, for the wearer I mean. I thought long and hard about how to use the beautiful embroideries we sometimes find in opp shops. I came up with this design. The circled embroidery is on the centre of the back.

my studio

I love to peek inside the spaces where others create. Here is where i sit. It is in the middle of the house and should really be a dining room but we have another space that serves us well enough. There is a lovely outlook onto our garden and even when its raining I still enjoy being here

eskimo jackets

Here is a pile of cut out childrens eskimo jackets that I have since sewn up and are available at my Etsy shop, see previous post. My table is half way through being done up but I couldnt delay my sewing so it never got finished. I have it covered in a velvet tablecloth which is extremely handy as a pin cushion. We were over ambitious and decided to do up our dining chairs and table and another table as well, hence everything is at different stages of waxing and stripping. Just knowing people will read this makes me want to take it outside and finish it, almost.

my etsy shop

Here is my first eskimo jacket for my etsy shop. Its made from a vintage woolen blanket. I have had these in my head for so long it was really good to finally see one made up! The enjoyable part for me is working out how to use old embroidery pieces.
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