Monday, June 21, 2010



A while back I posted about our house renovation. I was new to this and began the post hoping to inspire someone, anyone, with the transformation only to discover I couldnt find the complete set of photos in order to give the full impact. Well, I found the photos under my sons bed while preparing for my recent overseas and interstate visitors! So here is the first installment of a better attempt at the power of white paint. 
Now, you need to know that we were pretty gung-ho with our approach.
When we viewed the property for the first time we knew it had to be white from top, where ill begin, to bottom.

You can see why.

This is a photo of the real estate brochure ad so its pretty poor quality sorry.
I wont post them all today in case youre here looking for an update on Malis quilt,
(its coming along nicely thanks for asking)

Hope you had a lovely sunny weekend

Friday, June 18, 2010

so gorgeous!

How nice is it when someone loves your makings and then thinks to send you a photo of their little one wearing his new clothes? Well I just found out. And its really special. Thanks so much Zofia and Zeb. You made my day!

P.S. Isnt he just so gorgeous?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

my creative space

This is my pile of fabrics, scarves really, for some cushions for the lounge. I was a bit too quick to rant about the change that should have taken place back here. I didnt end up doing the cushions. Weve had one or two mismatched cushions on the couch ever since I relinquished the others to first the washing machine, then the linen cupboard. Even the recent onslaught of visitors didnt urge me to finish anything.
Today is the day!

Be sure to pop in to Kootoyoo for some inspiration.

P.S Im loving MonetPaisleys upcycled sweater post.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Im looking for inspiration to make my dress for Navarh's wedding.
This is an old book ive had for a while and I love it so much. It reminds me of when my mum used to teach me to sew and the older methods that are somewhat lost. I like to browse through its pages. It opens up possibilities of different finishes and hems.

for instance theres
french dressmakers hems
shell hemming
back stitching
slip stitch edging
not to mention whipping

So many stitches, so little time.
Im looking forward to trying a couple of new ones when I begin the dress.
Oh! Ive decided on the colour RED.

Friday, June 11, 2010

etsy shop update

Yay! I finished all my current custom orders for Etsy.
I feel like celebrating.
Its been a busy and demanding week here at Textured Leaf Central
with family from overseas and interstate staying.
 Everyone has been sick, but are on the mend now.

We have a wedding coming up.
Our son is getting married in Perth in 3 weeks and its fast approaching d-day for finding suits for the boys and ill be making something wonderful to wear (I hope).
I have absolutely no idea what yet. I dont even have my colour chosen, (I normally glean the design inspiration from a colour). It can narrow things down inside my head, you see. Then whenever im somewhere, it catches my eye and off I set with a design or a fabrication. An ambient thought.

Its time to update the autumn glassware on the mantlepiece to welcome the change of seasons.
I need some berries, and perhaps some oak leaves from the tree in the backyard.

                                                          Wishing you all a cosy weekend

Thursday, June 10, 2010

my creative space

This week saw me having a good clearing ready for winter in my creative space. Boy did it need it. Ive had school uniform tears and sleeping bag rips, t-shirt resizings, not to mention some important Etsy orders.

The quilts are gone from the end of the table and im going to have only one in my studio at a time as they are doing my head in. And before you all sigh with disappointment, Mali's is the first one allowed to enter my new, clear space. Im still working on it and should have something inspiring to show you by the end of next week.
I have hung this on the end wall finally.

This is how I store my washing powder and the idea for using an old, beautiful but sadly, chipped cup to dispense powder was taken from a Cath Kidston book (without wanting to sound tossy). Again, the things I need to use everyday must be purposeful but gorgeous. My mum brought me up using velvet soap like the father in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' used windex. This oversized cake/block is from a shop on sydney road. Its huge. I almost need two hands to wield it.

Birds eye view. The tins are full of buttons, curtain fixtures, zips, buckles, hook and eyes, embroidery threads, labels, sewing feet I have no idea how to use, etc.
 The three piles you see are paramount to how I 'work'. Currently here is my winter mending and upcycling for my family as the seasons have just turned icy.
The first on the left is overlocking waiting nearest the overlocker. The middle is 'to be cut out'.
The right hand pile is for straight stitching and is usually ordered in cotton colours.

More importantly, I have some things to show you.
This is the pin cushion I made for Gail @ GladyandFlo for my giveaway.

 I managed to 'fussy-cut' the base. My first ever foray into this highly esteemed way of patching.

Something I played with today are some feathers I bought from Darn Cheap Fabrics. These are for a head piece for my sons bride-to-be in a couple of weeks. I have no idea what im doing and must have stared at them for half an hour before deciding to do nothing until I feel more confident.

Check out Kootoyoo for true inspiration!
Thanks Kirsty for being a lovely generous hostess.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

here it is

Well, alot of you girls have been waiting for a large picture of the quilt for Mali in all its unfinished glory. Here it is! But you can see why I hadnt posted it up yet. It doesnt look how I want it to. In fact, in taking this it shows up how far I havent come. Back to housework. Im giving myself the gift of cleaning my studio today.
Wish I was giving myself the gift of sleep.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

my creative space

Today I made myself a bandeau smock. 
 I used an old jumper that had shrunk in the wash but didnt look like it was and a piece of wool flannel the same colour left over from last year when I made some warm pants.

Its not as flattering as these dresses I made but its really warm and im thinking 
ill be able to throw it on with just about everything I have. Excuse the fact that I do not know where to place my arms so end up holding my stomach during photos. Probably a left over mannerism from being pregnant on and off for so many years?

The jumper is cut on an angle so that it will stay up ( measure chest )
but then fold back over without being too clingy.
The wool is cut out on the bias ( 45 degrees ) and I just cut it slightly a-line, 

then curved the side seams for interest.
I left the hem edges raw as im familiar with this fabric and it wont fray readily.


The top folds back over itself

so I stitched halfway along reversing the seams so they wont show on the outside.

I zig-zagged the edge of the jumper

Then put a piece of ribbon I love on for straps.
 I placed them on directly over my bra to make sure bra straps wont be seen because
 im planning on wearing this with only a jacket for evenings.

Im off to see what you all were up to over at Kirsty's as ive been a tad too busy to peek til now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

leafy quilting

This is how it started. I dont really have a normal approach to beginning a quilt.
 If youre looking for a formula here there just isnt one.
Ive been trying to finish quilting Malis quilt. In my own weird way im getting there.
I think im aiming for criss-crossed leafy vine stitch.

Winter is a great time to focus on quilts and I have secretly promised myself ill
finish all of the ones ive begun to-date by the end of this winter!
Please hold me accountable, ladies.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

today im working on

Some boys pants for etsy custom orders.

I love these faux barkcloth weaves I found at Amitie for pocket details.

They remind me of the Jetsons.

And the bicycle print is a Moda fabric also at Amitie.

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