Friday, June 11, 2010

etsy shop update

Yay! I finished all my current custom orders for Etsy.
I feel like celebrating.
Its been a busy and demanding week here at Textured Leaf Central
with family from overseas and interstate staying.
 Everyone has been sick, but are on the mend now.

We have a wedding coming up.
Our son is getting married in Perth in 3 weeks and its fast approaching d-day for finding suits for the boys and ill be making something wonderful to wear (I hope).
I have absolutely no idea what yet. I dont even have my colour chosen, (I normally glean the design inspiration from a colour). It can narrow things down inside my head, you see. Then whenever im somewhere, it catches my eye and off I set with a design or a fabrication. An ambient thought.

Its time to update the autumn glassware on the mantlepiece to welcome the change of seasons.
I need some berries, and perhaps some oak leaves from the tree in the backyard.

                                                          Wishing you all a cosy weekend


Copper Patch said...

Oooh I love your green glasswear! Show us a pic of them all dressed up with some greenery please :o)
Look forward to seeing what you come up with to wear to the wedding.
Ab x

Ha - my code word is Afooks....whatever could that mean???

the textured leaf said...

Oh! I meant that im changing the glassware because ive had it there throughout autumn.
I have no idea what on earth your talking about silly, Afooks?

tgibson said...
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MonetPaisley said...

Love the vests, hard to find boys clothes on etsy, it's mostly girls stuff. Mwhat colour glasswear is coming our for winter??? Guess what! We have curtains!!! Time to decorate now, any suggestions??? Catch you later...

Gail said...

What a lovely surprise when I fumbled in my letter box in the dark tonight after work? There was this package squished in by the postman, I new who it was from! Calmed Toby dog, put bins out, took scarf jacket and gloves off.Staring at the package... gave Toby dog dinner poured glass of sav blanc and RIPPED OPEN MY PACKAGE!!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful Pin Cushion - It just gorgeous, and so BIG!!!! Dont think I have enough pins to cover it, but dont know if Iwant to stick pins into such beauty? Thank you so so much - I love it! Gail aka Gladyandfloxxxxx

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