Thursday, June 10, 2010

my creative space

This week saw me having a good clearing ready for winter in my creative space. Boy did it need it. Ive had school uniform tears and sleeping bag rips, t-shirt resizings, not to mention some important Etsy orders.

The quilts are gone from the end of the table and im going to have only one in my studio at a time as they are doing my head in. And before you all sigh with disappointment, Mali's is the first one allowed to enter my new, clear space. Im still working on it and should have something inspiring to show you by the end of next week.
I have hung this on the end wall finally.

This is how I store my washing powder and the idea for using an old, beautiful but sadly, chipped cup to dispense powder was taken from a Cath Kidston book (without wanting to sound tossy). Again, the things I need to use everyday must be purposeful but gorgeous. My mum brought me up using velvet soap like the father in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' used windex. This oversized cake/block is from a shop on sydney road. Its huge. I almost need two hands to wield it.

Birds eye view. The tins are full of buttons, curtain fixtures, zips, buckles, hook and eyes, embroidery threads, labels, sewing feet I have no idea how to use, etc.
 The three piles you see are paramount to how I 'work'. Currently here is my winter mending and upcycling for my family as the seasons have just turned icy.
The first on the left is overlocking waiting nearest the overlocker. The middle is 'to be cut out'.
The right hand pile is for straight stitching and is usually ordered in cotton colours.

More importantly, I have some things to show you.
This is the pin cushion I made for Gail @ GladyandFlo for my giveaway.

 I managed to 'fussy-cut' the base. My first ever foray into this highly esteemed way of patching.

Something I played with today are some feathers I bought from Darn Cheap Fabrics. These are for a head piece for my sons bride-to-be in a couple of weeks. I have no idea what im doing and must have stared at them for half an hour before deciding to do nothing until I feel more confident.

Check out Kootoyoo for true inspiration!
Thanks Kirsty for being a lovely generous hostess.


Gail said...

Hello- Im sooooooooo excited, cos I popped in to see what you were up to, very very late Thursday night! And I saw the beautiful pin cushion you have made for me!!!Wow, Im beside my self with excitement. I was thnking, what if we wereto meet for a coffee or a glass of wine and you could pass over the gorgeous pin cushion? Save you sending it through the mail and I could get it faster???? Let me know what you think. Thank you for the lovely gift....Gailx

Copper Patch said...

That is a dang sexy laundry...mine needs a TL touch I think, since it just smells of cat poo and has a giant pile of plastic bags 'decorating' it...

ecoMILF said...

It all looks so inspirational!! The laundry soap is especially beautiful! Hope you get everything done that you need to- you are always so flat out- a sure sign of some gorgeously high in demand creations! xo m.

Leonie Guld said...

You have just made my week. CHECK. OUT. THAT. PINCUSHION. Sitting up there in pride and place. I am over the moon with how she looks in your home. She looks brilliant with all those pins stuck in her head!!!! I love it!!!

Tracey said...

I agree, everyday must be gorgeous! Enjoyed having a little peek into your everyday gourgeousness

willywagtail said...

Terrific to have such a tidy space and the mending all cleared. I used to have a totally seperate place for that and hoped that no one ever remembered what was there but sadly they have all grown up and demand that their work be done immediately.At the moment I have a stack of mending on the ironing board, a humungous pile of must do nows on the cutting table (can't even see the table) and a gazillion remodellings waiting on my pretty white cane chair. What I have to decide today is whether to build a wall frame at the end of the garage or tidy some of this up. Guess I'll go build the wall. Or go garage saling! Is the bride wearing a different colour or is it for another utfit. Hugs Cherrie
PS Just thought I would let you know I have gone off facebook.

the textured leaf said...

The mending is cleared but not done. Not even remotely. Its in big red/white/blue bags. My 'men' have taken to standover tactics to see their stuff is done immediately as well. They know us too well, hey?
Im quitting fb too methinks! Good for you Cherrie, x

Darcy said...

I love your craft space, I long for a laundry room, instead my washer is in my tiny kitchen. If I had a separate space I would def steal that idea of soap powder in a pretty container, and using the china cup...genius.

I have no idea what velvet soap is, but it sounds wonderful.

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