Monday, October 31, 2011

a tree for me

I am loving paper cuts right now. This is my recent present to myself.
The frame is a roadside find only three doors down. I have no idea
 how our glass guy is going to cut the glass for it?

The detail is phenominal.

It was odd there were artworks with similar subject on the wall at Davies and Son. 
(see last post)

Friday, October 28, 2011

davies and son

I am extremely proud to announce that as you enter the little shop in Hampton called Davies and Son you will spy some familiar little clothes.
Now I always dreamt of the possibility of having a little shop somewhere
 and I will someday, but this... this is just as good.
As soon as I entered Michelle's shop I knew it was the one. I love everything about it, most of all Michelle herself. She is so honest and candid and entertaining and a little bit enchanting.
While we ironed out the pricing wrinkles this week, way too easy why-did-I-think-it-was-going-to-be-hard?, we chatted away about life and the foibles of the internet.  Ill show more of the visual feast that is Davies and Son in upcoming posts. The handmade loveliness is inspirational on many levels. Sewing wise, artistically,
florally, and the design side too coming from Michelle's expert eye for display. 
I wont even go down the track of telling you about the local roadside finds you see here,
 youll be kicking yourself like I was!   

twilight market

Youll find me at the Mulgrave Makers Twilight market tonight from 4-9.
Im going to escape the funny and odd that happens around here,
and have some time to myself to regroup before the weekend although ill be surrounded by all the friendly faces.
We are off to do a bit of fishing, see family and will squeeze in some real estate hunting too.

Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

my creative space

This week I had four creative spaces aside from my usual sewing room. One was this beach location for an impromtu photoshoot. My model is Lily,  daughter of a friend who has been patiently waiting on her size to be made by me. She took both of these dresses home to be worn to death (which may come sooner if she doesnt stop riding the motorbike on her country property at breakneck speed) even though she too had sworn to not like pink very much before today. My clothes have this effect on people, including me, which im a bit proud of. 

I couldnt do anything wrong with this gorgeous old pier as a back drop.

Lily, thankyou.
You are such a natural beauty. In the few short minutes we were here I had taken thirty something photos, all of them able to be used apart from the one where you are trying to remove the pricetag from your armpit!

The other spaces I inhabited this week were a friends home to sew for the day
the shop I have just placed some things in creating another photoshoot (announcing the location officially tomorrow if I dont get too distracted),
 I showed a young up and coming sewer how to finish off her first quilt,
and the Mr and I have been doing some much anticipated art piece framing. His and mine, yay!
Definitely a full week of creativity even for the likes of me, who thinks they sew all the time but apparently not so much.

In other news we joined a gym. Together. The same one. Very, very weird development for us as we were doing our thing seperately but from now on will be working out side by side. Kick boxing here I come!

I took the couch potato shopping and had fun for the first time because I decided to.
I think I may have giggled once or twice.

Im moving the studio around tomorrow as I woke in the middle of the night a few days ago and had an epiphany about the entire space and cant wait for morning now to perform some miracles.
Except im supposed to be going to the gym, damn....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mornington street market

There are happy customers afoot at the mornington market today and this lovely lady doesn't mind being famous so let me snap a shot of her wearing her new dress. Forgive me if this looks like a Facebook update but I'm not down with the whole iPhone blog thing yet. It seems that ill be needing a changing room soon complete with mirror. It can get awkward sending customers across the way to look at themselves in shop window to see how something fits. But then there's always the excuse to take a photo to see, isn't there.

Monday, October 24, 2011

our old home

We went for a drive in the country on the weekend and went to see our old home and how the garden was growing. I wanted to take some serious shots of the rock wall that had occupied alot of our days while we were living there.

We never knew how long it was going to take us to build or how massive it would end up being, which in the end was over 40 metres in length. Thats Mr.TL at the top of the driveway so you can really see the scale. It is a metre in height most of the way along as any higher and you would need a permit. Plus we wanted it to be solely dry rock, no mortar. We could never have done it if we had to mix mortars too.

After the second column we were so close to selling that we chose to build at a lower height to use up the remaining rock and make it go further.

The lavender we planted across the front of the house was just what I had dreamt it to be.  It is nice to see it being taken care of and trimmed regularly. The lady who bought it truly understood my vision and has kept the garden completely how we left it.

This is my utmost favourite part of the wall. It was the piece we saw most when we parked the car, the piece you saw when you looked out from the kitchen and the part closest to the front door so I fussed with this section. It was also the easiest to build being right nearest to the pile when we got a delivery of rock. If you are wondering which rock we used it is from Castella Quarries near King Lake and I still have the name of the driver if you want me to put you onto a good delivery guy. It wasnt easy to find and I searched for over a year to get the perfect colour and size. Oh and price too! We had two deliveries with good estimations of what we could achieve and it only cost just over $700 to do.

Another highlight were seeing that these echiums I planted from cuttings have thrived and are perfect for this spot. It was so dry and the soil was hard as rock here.

These were all freshly planted for selling, (as you do) and it is so nice to come back to see them matured. 

It amazes me how fast pear trees grow.

There is still more work to do but with four acres there was so much upkeep and cutting back that it didnt get done while we were there.

I have the same doormat at this new place, weird as I bought neither of them. Is there only a small range out there or something?

I used to work at the Polish Jester restaurant so we stopped in for lunch with the new members of our family. That put us in a time warp, because we have such a different life now. All three grandchildren have been born since living here and its sad they wont know of this place.

It was good to try new beers and vodka.
We have had lots of talks lately about where to put down new roots and would love to fix up
or build another home  
including a rock wall and a garden full of lavender. I have four smallish lavender bushes at the moment and no wall to my name. When we do maybe you will be seeing tutorials on how to make indoor arches look like theyve been there forever, or how to design your garden to scale or how build a rock wall? Wouldnt that be different!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Has anyone ever had the thought that there should be a blog directory specially targeting us crafty types? Well its too late to be the one that does something about it as the very clever Rie over at CraftyRie has already done the hard work for us. If you want to become part of this Universal Craft Blog Directory then youd better get yourself over to her place and get hooked up.

Such an amazingly good idea plus a great way to get inspired and meet new friendly people. 
Beam me up. 

Have a lovely sunday!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. All 60 of you!

 for your massive response to my giveaway!

Im very late posting this as we felt the urge to go for a drive in the country to see our old house
and left first thing this morning
and I didnt have time to post the winner til now.

Without further ado the winner is

Miss Muggins!!!

Congratulations! Ill be in touch soon

Friday, October 21, 2011

i love the rain

I love the rain. I love a good looking lamp to make the house feel warm even more.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

shop update - wrap dresses

womens size 16

womens size 10

womens size 16

The latest wrap dresses to come off the machine. The top yellow is one of a pair ill be sending off to the UK, its a glorious thing to know your makings are headed for the other side of the planet.

That makes three posts in one day. Hmmm,.... slightly obsessively tied to the computer today. In my defense, I did begin the day with the paying of bills.

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