Tuesday, October 18, 2011

tuesday makings

I have had a few days of slowness, in and out of bed, not able to sew due to headaches and a sore neck and while I wasnt about to whinge when it was going on, now that im feeling much better and am out the other side I can tell you exactly how frustrated I was becoming. Just when I wanted to sew frenzy style and was madly designing lots of things in my brain, I couldnt be bothered to do a thing. I couldnt even manage a bit of handsewing sitting up in bed, and now its tuesday, one day before market. Arrrgh.

All I have to show finished for the week is this one single dress and I fell really flat with my kcwc challenge too. I began lots of things, a huge pile of 19 dresses and wrap tops on top of that, even some eskimos. I am very happy that I have cut out all of this stuff ready to go, though. Im feeling better today and ive been up early and spring cleaned the kitchen top to bottom. Sewing wise im trying a different tactic, tackling things one by one and not doing them in a production line.  

Its hard to get much done when I have this cute little rabbity bundle of happiness to distract me hanging from a different doorway every time I turn around.

p.s. for those of you waiting on your order, they will be available in the shop by the end of the week
and apologies for the delay.


A Christy Production said...

I wish I was 5 again so I could wear that dress....

Pop over to my blog I have a giveaway starting today :)

Lotti said...

So gorgeous. What a pretty dress. Your little one is so cute.

Gen. said...

what a super cute dress & bebe! xx

Emma Thomsen said...

All gorgeous, especially the 'rabbity bundle of happiness'! Hope you're feeling on top form again soon!

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