Friday, October 28, 2011

davies and son

I am extremely proud to announce that as you enter the little shop in Hampton called Davies and Son you will spy some familiar little clothes.
Now I always dreamt of the possibility of having a little shop somewhere
 and I will someday, but this... this is just as good.
As soon as I entered Michelle's shop I knew it was the one. I love everything about it, most of all Michelle herself. She is so honest and candid and entertaining and a little bit enchanting.
While we ironed out the pricing wrinkles this week, way too easy why-did-I-think-it-was-going-to-be-hard?, we chatted away about life and the foibles of the internet.  Ill show more of the visual feast that is Davies and Son in upcoming posts. The handmade loveliness is inspirational on many levels. Sewing wise, artistically,
florally, and the design side too coming from Michelle's expert eye for display. 
I wont even go down the track of telling you about the local roadside finds you see here,
 youll be kicking yourself like I was!   


Emma Thomsen said...

Fabulous, Congratulations! You go girl!

melissa said...

Thats Fantastic Wendy! Congratulations! Where is this lovely little shop?


Jennie said...

Congratulations Wendy!!
Your lovelies look so good hanging there!xx

the textured leaf said...

Hey Melissa, its in Hampton street, Hampton.

Elaine Wong said...

Great stuff! Your gorgeous items are reaching out to more people now. Shame it's a tad too far for moi, but at least I can still buy directlt from you :)

Cherie said...

Well Done Darling ... wait till you happen to see someone wearing one of your creations, that's buzz is indescribable. So happy for YOU♥

Kelly Ingram said...

Fantastic news Wendy! And the shop looks just gorgeous. Big Congrats!! xx

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