Thursday, October 6, 2011

first bunting arrival

This is simply lovely, Jill.

Now, I used to think there was nothing better than receiving a parcel in the mail from someone you know
that you werent expecting.
Or even if you were expecting it. Anyway, that moment when you open it up to see whats inside is pretty special.
But ive changed my mind, as these days there is nothing to top the feeling of having something handmade arrive just. for. me.

Apart from how youve used a favourite shade of french blue, the teeny tiny hand stitches you performed made my heart warm. Perfectly perfect 
for what I have in mind to use my buntings for.
Thank you, I adore it!

I am loving being part of Rachel's Bunting Swap and have been dreaming/thinking up all sorts of types but am yet to settle on one that hits me in the eye sockets. I think im nearly there.

Ill be back in later today with a proper wrap dress Giveaway post!
Sorry for being a bit slow in getting it up for you all. For those who have already commented,
 thank you and dont worry I will add you to the list. 


Lea said...

Oh I love this bunt. So pretty. Such a fun swap isn't it. I found it ia your blog too...Thank you Wendy.

trudi@maudeandme said...

Yes it is very sweet. But no surprise as Jill is a very sweet blogger.

Lis said...

Getting happy mail is a great feeling agreed even better when its made especially for you, beautiful bunting.

Grateful4Crochet said...

HI, I just found your blog- it's lovely, and I absolutely adore your dresses, love that you make them in bigger sizes too. I would love to enter to win one, and I would love even more to win one!!

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