Wednesday, October 12, 2011

kcwc - day two

I like how over at Elsie Marley it is still technically day two of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge although its wednesday, ive been to market and back, and I am yet to sew for day three. I got home and crashed out for three hours before heading out again. Markets are so exhausting! My eyes are barely open as I write because I was up till the wee hours of this morning finishing edges so technically I have already sewed my quota for the day. Confused? I am. Or am I?

And as I forgot to get a shot of the finished dresses in sunlight, all I have is these
 at the halfway mark taken earlier yesterday for progress sake.

Theres a whole pile all nearly hemmed including some new womens ones that I hope to show tomorrow.

Thankyou for the overwhelming response to my womens wraps and hello to all of you from Blogtober.

p.s  Im having trouble with spammers (again) and am finding it hard to use everyones comment boxes. I cant count how many times ive system restored and anti-virussed in the last month. I have been visiting and commenting but then they just. wont. stay. in. place! Grrrr.

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Sally said...

I'd been having problems leaving comments too... but somehow it seems to be all fixed now. Goodness knows how and why?!?!

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