Thursday, October 20, 2011

shop update - wrap dresses

womens size 16

womens size 10

womens size 16

The latest wrap dresses to come off the machine. The top yellow is one of a pair ill be sending off to the UK, its a glorious thing to know your makings are headed for the other side of the planet.

That makes three posts in one day. Hmmm,.... slightly obsessively tied to the computer today. In my defense, I did begin the day with the paying of bills.


6briony said...

I'm loving this as I am guessing the yellow one might be mine! Thank you. Kim

Flower said...

That green dress...OMG...OMG xx

Kelly Ingram said...

Gorgeous Wendy! Is the 16 Raspberry wrap dress available? I'm in love with it xx

Selina said...

Love the raspberry! It's gone already. :)

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