Thursday, October 27, 2011

my creative space

This week I had four creative spaces aside from my usual sewing room. One was this beach location for an impromtu photoshoot. My model is Lily,  daughter of a friend who has been patiently waiting on her size to be made by me. She took both of these dresses home to be worn to death (which may come sooner if she doesnt stop riding the motorbike on her country property at breakneck speed) even though she too had sworn to not like pink very much before today. My clothes have this effect on people, including me, which im a bit proud of. 

I couldnt do anything wrong with this gorgeous old pier as a back drop.

Lily, thankyou.
You are such a natural beauty. In the few short minutes we were here I had taken thirty something photos, all of them able to be used apart from the one where you are trying to remove the pricetag from your armpit!

The other spaces I inhabited this week were a friends home to sew for the day
the shop I have just placed some things in creating another photoshoot (announcing the location officially tomorrow if I dont get too distracted),
 I showed a young up and coming sewer how to finish off her first quilt,
and the Mr and I have been doing some much anticipated art piece framing. His and mine, yay!
Definitely a full week of creativity even for the likes of me, who thinks they sew all the time but apparently not so much.

In other news we joined a gym. Together. The same one. Very, very weird development for us as we were doing our thing seperately but from now on will be working out side by side. Kick boxing here I come!

I took the couch potato shopping and had fun for the first time because I decided to.
I think I may have giggled once or twice.

Im moving the studio around tomorrow as I woke in the middle of the night a few days ago and had an epiphany about the entire space and cant wait for morning now to perform some miracles.
Except im supposed to be going to the gym, damn....


Selina said...

Moving furniture counts as weight lifting, surely? ;)

willywagtail said...

Gorgeous Lilly. She just moves with that special something but then she comes from a beautiful family. Love to see your new workspace. Cherrie

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