Saturday, October 15, 2011

all sorts of things

What an eventful week ive had.
Highlights were having all of my friends (and some new ones too) dropping by to see me at the wednesday market, finding some wonderful new fabrics for summer close by that I can access quickly if I run out, spending some quality time with my mum and my daughter and her babies, plus ive surprised myself and put some things in a shop. 

A while back when I did Craft Hatch a lovely lady asked me to check out her friends new shop with a view to placing my clothes there. I have had an overwhelming response from all sorts of avenues and until now I had decided no to all. I was perfectly content being small and having the girls on board was a sweet bonus. There are always things that happen behind the scenes that dont get a mention at the time and this was one of them. For some unknown reason on thursday this week I had the notion to go check it out. It felt so right on this day just to go with my instinct and say yes. I simply couldnt say no this time. Michelle is just the sort of earthy person I like and her shop is sublime. In the excitement I completely forgot to take any photos but ill show you at a later date. 

Last but not least, I was driving to do the usual drop-the-Mr-at-the-train one morning and while mumbling to myself how I wish he would walk I saw this cabinet above on the side of the road. I had fallen asleep only the night before musing to myself that our bedroom needed a rethink and how I would love to get my hands on a bedside cabinet just like this one to fit our rather large lamps on. It doesnt quite show here but this baby is very deep and substantial. Lots of my odd bits and pieces that have been annoyingly floating around our walk in robe since the move will be housed here. Up til now I had a chair next to the bed but no storage. The cabinet I had at the other place has had to become home to my sewing tins in the back room where I put finishing touches on clothes and such. 

Im off to check out the local RSL market with a view to setting up there on the odd weekend.
And because its only just down the road, it will be nice for family to walk down to see me too.
Have a nice weekend all! 


MonetPaisley said...

Gorgeous bedside table.... amazing lamp.... would love to know the name of the shop and if they have a website or facebook page or something :-)

Selina said...

What a fantastic find! There is always a reason for these things, I find.
Congratulations on selling in a store. That is very exciting!

Elaine Wong said...

So excited for you as far as all these new avenues go. Good luck & grow your brand slowly.

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