Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We are one day into our road trip up the coastline and it almost feels like three. We began to relax as soon as we got in the van and did a quick opshop before we even left our suburb as is our way these days. That man knows my lingo, plus years ago I worded him up on beginning the holiday the moment youre out the front door, not once you reach your destination.
Saves all the stress of the journey.

This morning we woke up by a river and waited for the opshops to open in the township we were in, meanwhile we talked about the possibilities of owning this property for sale.
The real estate agent didn't open or I would have asked for a viewing right there and then! We have to call in on the way back to pick up our thrifted laybys, (we didn't want to take them with us) so we may just have a look then if our curiousity holds.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mordialloc Festival

Awesome, amazing day spent next to Michelle, her mum Sonya, and the lovely, vibrant, inspiring Teresa from Peanut Whimsy. Thanks for the best day ladies. Same time next year?

You wont hear from me for a few days as were off on an extended roadtrip up the NSW coastline. Wish me much opshopping good fun...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

weekend makings

I wasnt entirely awake when I had no choice but to do a test run of the new studio on saturday morning. The rest of the house was still asleep when I dragged myself to the table laden with freshly cut out linings care of the Mr. The light in here is beautiful dont you think? I was worried that it would be sadly lacking after the last sunlit house. Ill need to do something about the view of the fence, of course, and any ideas are very welcome. In this tired state im stumped for now.

There has simply been a plonking down of tables wherever they fit and a getting to work in here so far. Another studio revamp coming up though. A different shaped room but the same old opshop and roadside finds.

Saturday slowly became a festive occasion as it was the very first day of the Mr TL's holidays. Once he was up I could hear him out in the garden and the shed pottering around, but being a tad busy with production, I stayed put sewing until the yell to come take a look at something. I grumbled hesitatingly from the chair (thinking hed found his long lost fishing reel or whatever) and shuffled along in the odd socks I found in the dark earlier, only to spy this through the dining room doors. 

New market props! Yippee!

All the noise had been him sawing a ladder in half, found out in the back yard. It immediately clicked. He knows how much of a visual person I am. This fact also means that things need to stare me in the face. So wanted me to not struggle anymore with not knowing what sizes I have at or after a market, (a constant frustration of mine) Oh how organised I will be!

Faster than an eccentric artist he was off in the van scouting for numbers for sizes 1 - 8 to place on each of the rungs. Times two. One side for summer and one for winter since thats the way we roll at Little Tree Kids.

 Today we road tested these at the long anticipated (by me) festival and I have the best market day post coming yet! But that, my friends, is a story for tomorrow.Youll see why soon enough....

Saturday, March 17, 2012

the first day of unpacking

This is how the new place was looking by thursday evening, the first day in really, as it hadnt been a whole 24 hours timewise yet. In some rooms things were shaping up nicely and other problem areas have gotten even worse in the following day and a half (where were at now).

I had even lit the fire to burn a few boxes plus it happened to be cider o'clock.
Ill walk you through.

Ive been finding lots of terracotta pots half buried or plonked at random in the garden with all sorts of what looked like deceased plants in them. I saved one or two, hopefully.

there is a bare bit in full sun which I want to surprise the Mr with by way of that vegie patch I never got to do at the last place. And the one before.

Finally a lemon tree. yippee.

Now for the not so pretty and the not so organised, we are getting there though thanks to alot of sweat and shifting of things in the shed by the man who holds my heart. Boy, he is a hard worker. Maybe its because of the fact that in one more day he is on three weeks holidays and the sense of it looming is apparent.

The entry with the blankets for the eskimos.
This pile is still here and even larger as we found more to add.

The lounge earlier in the day before moving the couches into place and straightening up.

The new sewing room space looking not spacious one little bit.

Today im in here sewing and have sorted most things into bulk lots in order to function with the market prep for tomorrow. At this stage its kind of looking like ill get there. Im writing this in my lunch break of course! The Mr is out sourcing all my last minute things for me, thread, customer bags, etc. so thats handy of him.
Ill best be getting back to the machine.
Have a great weekend all!

Friday, March 16, 2012

two days ago

Looking back it seemed like we had it all under control but the reality was we ran out of boxes towards late Tuesday night, no time to go get more, there were things remaining in the dishwasher and what I thought were last minute in the kitchen which added up to four or six boxfuls (whos counting at this stage?), plus soooo much fabric and blankets (I may summon the courage to show you in follow up posts) that I half filled a queen size mattress bag in desperation to get it in the truck. That was only a third of my blanket stash. When they arent rolled into tight little rolls they grow larger.

That was just the beginning. Why do I always leave my fabric til the last minute to do? No boxes means you cant pack, equals chaos at the other end. Actually both ends to tell the truth and lots of sideways glances from the Mr to put it nicely.
My market storage cupboard was also still completely full, you know, just in case I decided to do a midnight market somewhere. Idiot. But then the boxes excuse comes up again.

 Once the removalists come things start to roll but id forgotten how they dont stop all. day. long.

 We said goodbye to the moving guys and we still did another few loads of the awkward shed things, plus the actual shed. Argghhh!

Then up at 6am to perform the big clean the next day to drop the keys in by lunchtime. Someone thought they had til Friday closing time, didnt they. I blame the tiredness of it all cos my brain does go to sleep when it looks like im awake.
We were fifteen minutes late even then. Annnd we needed to go back to do the outside sweep, final weed (why dont I just give in and use chemicals like normal people?), lawn mower, forge, rubbish load, wood we picked up from the neighbours to make another table from, plants, wheelbarrow and im sure im missing something else.

There will be a monster garage sale happening at our place one of these days when I have nothing better to do. Promise. Please hold me to it!

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