Friday, March 9, 2012

the organised me

It must have been the organised me who showed up at the right time yesterday because ive almost packed the entire house in the last 24 hours.  Apart from my clothes and fabrics and a few of the random big things we seem good to go.
Im astonished as to how easy the process was too. Get a box and put stuff in it. I guess I really am a last minute girl. The Mr helped along the way by getting everything out of the cupboards, right in my line of sight and very hard to ignore.
I think ive said before now that I hated him doing this as I liked to go methodically at my own pace but this time around we were a team. How do you tackle your packing? Have you found that perfect strategy? Actually, now that I think of it, the best move I ever performed was the time I packed by colour and marked the boxes blue, green, white etc. Very easy to find things at the other end! 


 This morning when I woke up I sprang out of bed and felt like making some cushions for the new place. I chose my favourite two blankets at the moment and 20 minutes later they were on the couch. No zips of course. 
I realised I havent done a whole lot of restyling homewise lately and after some op-shop drops over the last couple of weeks the linen cupboard is looking a bit empty. Ive also been finding those old thick cotton white bed sheets in odd sizes and am going to make them into a quilt cover in time to put on the bed for the first night. I have to give myself a deadline or they will stay as unused sheets

The Mr is out making some little tree people for my market stall and he needs me to hold the wood while he cuts so seeya!


Frankie and Ray said...

Arrrgh Wendy. I don't know how you can stand to move so often! I'm still traumatised after the last one three and a half years ago. And you've got the headspace to make cushions as well! Hope it goes smooth from a to b. xx

Lotti said...

Love those cushion covers .... as always love your creativeness.

willywagtail said...

I've no idea how I pack. I am madly hoping the landlords coming in a week or so to inspect the place does not mean we are going to have to move. But I have started the culling process again just in case. All the best. Can't wait to see your new white quilt cover. Cherrie

Copper Patch said...

Ooh your new cushions are lovely. Enjoy slumping on them when you've unpack :o)
Ab x

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