Sunday, March 18, 2012

weekend makings

I wasnt entirely awake when I had no choice but to do a test run of the new studio on saturday morning. The rest of the house was still asleep when I dragged myself to the table laden with freshly cut out linings care of the Mr. The light in here is beautiful dont you think? I was worried that it would be sadly lacking after the last sunlit house. Ill need to do something about the view of the fence, of course, and any ideas are very welcome. In this tired state im stumped for now.

There has simply been a plonking down of tables wherever they fit and a getting to work in here so far. Another studio revamp coming up though. A different shaped room but the same old opshop and roadside finds.

Saturday slowly became a festive occasion as it was the very first day of the Mr TL's holidays. Once he was up I could hear him out in the garden and the shed pottering around, but being a tad busy with production, I stayed put sewing until the yell to come take a look at something. I grumbled hesitatingly from the chair (thinking hed found his long lost fishing reel or whatever) and shuffled along in the odd socks I found in the dark earlier, only to spy this through the dining room doors. 

New market props! Yippee!

All the noise had been him sawing a ladder in half, found out in the back yard. It immediately clicked. He knows how much of a visual person I am. This fact also means that things need to stare me in the face. So wanted me to not struggle anymore with not knowing what sizes I have at or after a market, (a constant frustration of mine) Oh how organised I will be!

Faster than an eccentric artist he was off in the van scouting for numbers for sizes 1 - 8 to place on each of the rungs. Times two. One side for summer and one for winter since thats the way we roll at Little Tree Kids.

 Today we road tested these at the long anticipated (by me) festival and I have the best market day post coming yet! But that, my friends, is a story for tomorrow.Youll see why soon enough....


The Moerks said...

Nice work by the MR.

jennie said...

OMG that is perfect!!
And so lovely the Mr doing that for you!X

CurlyPops said...

That is brilliant. He's a genius!

Anonymous said...

how can i wait til tomorrow to find out?!! the mr did a top job, what a fantastic way to keep your head around stock control. Plus it looks so beautiful. well done you for surviving another move and diving head first back into business, you're an inspiration. I'd be moaning and faffing about getting very little done, myself..!

Bron said...

What a clever guy you have there and so thoughtful of you needs.... xx

beingsimone said...

He's so beautiful :)

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