Friday, March 16, 2012

were in

All is running smoothly here at TTL. Once or twice I have found myself humming a merry tune but the potato has been singing out loud for the neighbours to hear all afternoon. He can't believe his luck as we have allowed him the tv in his room for a while just to switch things up at the new place.
The last couple of nights, although tired beyond reckoning, has seen us talking more. Perhaps its the feel good change happening, perhaps not, but although unspoken, we want to hold onto whatever it is. We will see how long the Mr lasts without the history channel, shall we?
Optus is arriving shortly to hook us back into the ether, there seems to be a tree in the way, meanwhile I'm busy finding nooks and crannies for fabric and setting up a studio (again)!

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Anonymous said...

oh well this sounds much better! i am laughing about the cable tv part - tom and I keep having budget issues due to being a single income household and having a (low key but still costing money) wedding and I always say - we could just get rid of the foxtel - but it is always met with a resounding NO! He needs it for work apparently, it's tax deductable...! Back to baked beans for dinner while we watch the history chanel!

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