Wednesday, September 5, 2012


for the moment we housesit this house that we found out about in the eleventh hour.
two days before we moved, one day before the mr heard he had at long last received his redundancy.
happy doenst even come close to how im feeling since the big news. we are both over the moon with the possibilities that this life change will bring. the mr turns fifty next year so the timing couldnt be more right.

i have a tiny little table to one side of the living space to sew at, and sitting here stitching away at clothes for the shop, ive found im allowing myself to dream up all kinds of wonderful. for as long as this housesitting lasts 
i will continue with the dreamy because ive decided that it is a good stage to be at. life, for a while there, had been too much about getting things done and writes as a big blurry smudge on the page of my year.

this is why i wasnt able to be present to this space that i have always loved and relied upon.

no words were forming some days. most days, i admit.

coming highly recommended by my friend eleesa, i found that the ease of instagram was the fast fix i turned to although the last thing i wanted was yet another challenge. its easy, fast and it fixed me by filling a void while i couldnt blog. three days in a row ive been back to here and i think im getting back on track with a little bit of normality. 
heres hoping! 

Monday, September 3, 2012


i didnt feel like i wanted to close shop during the move. so i didnt. instead i placed an announcement on the shop page over at etsy, that i wouldnt be taking orders until we were settled in again, however i somehow never counted on no-one seeing it, even though its there for literally all the world to see. 
so then, me being me, by the time the seasons began to warm, so did i (to the idea of sewing custom items), and the orders that have begun coming in thick and fast are welcome. 
but im left wondering why they are orders for more jackets?!

if youre loving the blue dress above its available in the shop. i cannot take credit for this lovely piece as i kind of placed my own order for it with a good friend who made it for me while i was side tracked with all thats been going on. 
if you look closely, the jackets above are still buttonless at the time of photographing them for their listings, such is the way of things at textured leaf studio for the moment!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


here are a few bits and pieces of our old home that we have left behind now. shots quickly taken before the final moving day, which we're still reeling from by the way.
it struck me while i was packing up, especially when i stopped in my tracks at seeing this blanket label, that things would not feel homeleigh for a while yet.

 im missing the old place daily but focusing forward on what the next adventurous weeks will bring. and i mean adventurous.
we will soon be heading off to cambodia again (its been a whole year already),
which will give us plenty of time to unwind and sketch out some sort of plan for our next year or two, and since the mr has just taken a long-wished-for redundancy, there will be just the perfect amount of adventure i think, dont you? 

speaking of the mr, he flew back to his home country new zealand in the wee hours this morning, while im left behind to hold the fort, studying, keeping the shop updated (barely) and somehow saying goodbye to navarh, adelin and violet, who move back to perth this week to be closer to her family. but before you all go wondering how this must be sad for me, im so overjoyed for adi's mum to have her only daughter return home that i find im not sad. not yet anyway. 

tomorrow will be our last day together for a few months but with new baby almost here things seem exciting enough and the distance doesnt seem to matter. im going to become very good at skype.

one day in the not too distant future you will see me setting up studio in a whole new place.

hopefully with some new inspiration to add to my line. after all, theres nothing like a new baby in the family for inspiration.

i dont quite know what the next few months will bring or where we will end up settling, but for now i have to be settled being content. 
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