Wednesday, May 23, 2012

working on

Sorry for my very very lengthy absence as ive been busy in the studio working on some new designs for jackets while trying to push through the list of orders. Ill be back to normal soon I hope. 

Happy wednesday to you!

Friday, May 11, 2012

a little vintage cushion

Sometimes all we women need is a little handmade pick me up and thats just what happened to me when my cushion from A Little Vintage arrived yesterday. I adore it Jennie! It is just what our bedroom needed as ive been trying out different cushions on the bed that ive made on occasion, none of which looked any good in this room. Oddly baffling to say the least. 
In other happenings ive been making things for a saturday market down at Rosebud and here is a sneak peek.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

shop update

size 4 junipers (to fit a 6 - 12 month babe)

size 3 (to fit a 3 - 6 month babe)

size 3 (to fit a 3 - 6 month babe)

cot size sky stripe baby blanket

pram size red and blue check baby blanket

Shop update for today

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Im blessed, you know.
Im blessed that when I really need to, I can come up with something to make and sew away my day, thats give or take the couch potato asking me to drop him somewhere, without doing anything I ask him to in return for my favour. I view it as a favour or reward for lawn mowing or doing other chores, whereas he sees it simply as part of being a mother. Im left wondering whos right? Working from home isnt that great unless the people you live with are working too of a sort.
Nevermind that right now, look at what ive made today! 
And im still wanting to do more tonight as these are so very quick to sew and im loving the method used to put them together.

Sew the elastic into a casing at back
line and stitch the straps
place the straps inside front and lining, then sew
pin and sew pockets on
side seams with lining wrapped around elastic end
stitch the straps in place and hem!

Can you tell im excited?

These pinnies, plus one lonely little eskimo order are part of my shop update.

Little Tree Kids will be at the Mornington Main Street market tomorrow with these and anything else I come up with tonight. Im hankering to some more upcycled knits for winter too.

an autumn market

Life being the way it has, I havent yet done a market since summer ended. Ive been trying to get to Main Street Market in Mornington for a few weeks now only to have to cancel when other commitments got in the way. 
The popularity of the eskimos meant that keeping up with orders was all I could do while I waited for a small window of time. Well, the market is tomorrow and I have one whole day to sew in order to replenish stock if only in a small way, im hoping for just enough to not look too stupid on the day. My mind is made up that ill be rocking up no matter what. 

Heres what ive selected from the stash to make into pinafores today.
The sun is gloriously out in full bloom and I may even put the machine outside for the afternoon, who knows?

Happy sunny Tuesday to you!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


As the menfolk sleep in I find myself surrounded by remnants of the week. A favourite jacket hangs on some hooks I screwed into the hallway wall. I use them five times if not more, a day. Still no sign of paint in here though, meantime we are sorting out in the shed.

We are finally breathing again, making plans for the year ahead. Its been two years or more since we sketched together.

Im enjoying the juxtaposition of the masculine, his matchbox collection in a vintage find, and feminine, leaves ill always carry from the street outside our first home when it sold all those years ago.

On the studio table are the custom orders for the week and some meant-for-market eskimo jackets.

The final squares of the quilt are being cut as new fabric scraps appear in the mix, there were too many repeats for my eye so a waiting game began while I chopped into the stash for winter makings.

Perhaps today some pictures will be hung in here, just on one wall would be enough.

Happy productive weekend to you all.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

a new day

We are eating healthy with the onset of winter so today the Mr made a simple made-up-recipe-by-him soup. Tomato and basil with an unbridled amount of garlic. It tasted of the garden.

The recent rain has meant our dog has been fireside for a few nights and im wondering what ive let myself in for. 

And spurred on by Kate's post im using May to push me on to try new things. Some different buttons,

new hand twisted woollen loops on a fresh take of a hooded jacket, a technique I remember my mum teaching me how to do when I was really young,

just a hint of doilie on a front corner in order to use up every last piece of scrap,

and a different wool used as a hood that you may only notice when you look closer.

Happy rainy thursday to you all. I love the rain dont you?

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