Tuesday, May 8, 2012

an autumn market

Life being the way it has, I havent yet done a market since summer ended. Ive been trying to get to Main Street Market in Mornington for a few weeks now only to have to cancel when other commitments got in the way. 
The popularity of the eskimos meant that keeping up with orders was all I could do while I waited for a small window of time. Well, the market is tomorrow and I have one whole day to sew in order to replenish stock if only in a small way, im hoping for just enough to not look too stupid on the day. My mind is made up that ill be rocking up no matter what. 

Heres what ive selected from the stash to make into pinafores today.
The sun is gloriously out in full bloom and I may even put the machine outside for the afternoon, who knows?

Happy sunny Tuesday to you!

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