Sunday, July 24, 2011

saturday - one day before the move

Rustico looked on as us humans were in the garden today doing all sorts of interesting things.

 Crap photo, (I was inside in the warm) but he looks happy so ive included it. 
The Mr has been stripping the dining table.
You know the one. Ive been sewing and cutting out on it for the last couple of months. Weve wanted to resurface it for a while and he has decided to do it before we move. He has one day left. He says he will sand it tomorrow and im hoping like crazy he has a plan up his sleeve that I dont know about cos im gonna need something to work on.

He found this fantastic tool at Bunnings today and loves it. It has a bottle opener cut into it, no wonder.

Navarh is doing up an old bike. Shame he chose to raid my teatowel cupboard for a cloth. Thats my nice  pure linen napkin on the ground. He has promised me new ones now.

I really dont have high expectations for this table as we had stained it black and now want to lighten it.

The washing dried today which is the first time for ages I dont need to finish it in the drier.

The boys played drums while we did some tidying and raking.

Some friends house sat for us recently and they left us with a parting gift of a herb garden that is doing really well. This makes me smile each time I walk past to remember the love they would have put into planting it for us to return to. Nice.

Hope your weekend is as eventful as ours is...and we are only halfway!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Im grateful for evening time.
Its the time we slow down, spend with family snuggling on the couch, play with baby, plan the next day or dream of what we'll do on the weekend.
Of late we tend to spend our evenings gathering our thoughts in readiness for the next few months.
On the other hand, mornings are a bit about the chaotic.

More of the grateful over at Maxabella

Scroll down to see inside my creative space this week. Ive been busy!

my creative space

Its all about hoods and velvet ribbons with snozberry pompoms here at my soon-to-be-demolished studio.

With slow work on some more patchworky booties from the huge scrap bag of woolens
 it is slowly but surely being used up.
Its been easy with all thats going on around me to just snip away at the bits of coloured blanket. For instance we did our taxes today over the breakfast table and although I was helping I was able to busily cut too. I love having items in the range that can be done on the hop.

I have been invited to a clothes swap tonight, my first. I dont know what ill take yet but it has me thinking about doing some sort of segment in here to talk my way through my wardrobe and perhaps show some favourite finds and what I wear and dont wear. Maybe after the move... 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

today im working on

And im back in the room. (quote from Little Britain)

the good things about moving

I have written myself a little list of the benefits of this move.

1. we get an ensuite
2. there is a double shower in that ensuite
3. we get our first ever walk in robe
4. there is obviously a second bathroom
5. heating and cooling to all rooms
6. more space
7. more storage (I wont know myself)
8. extra bedroom
9. a loft (love a loft but was in denial)
10. extra dining space
11. nicer kitchen that we can all cook in at the same time
12. the deepest bath ive seen
13. safer garden for the grandbabies
14. undercover parking for the boat
15. a workshop
16.  a great big deck
17. hedges, magnolias and olive trees
18. privacy while in the back yard
19. not having to open the gate everytime we come and go
20. and most importantly of all, our furniture fits

Ahem, can I have your attention? I packed my first box this morning!
I AM being very creative this week in other ways.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

today im working on

Im in the studio working on some hoods for girls and they have turned out really sweet after I decided to embellish them this way. They will become part of the snozberry range. I think that the pom pom is just the right shade dont you?

By using the trim from the knits themselves, and some velvet ribbon I got on my recent trip to Cambodia. Yes! I bought supplies. A whole suitcase full actually. They have such a glut of old unwanted stuff gathering dust. I wont tell you my bag was nearly full by the second day because that would be a shameful thing to admit, wouldnt it?

There was a bit of pom pom making today. Ive been wanting to play with these for a while, not knowing if it was going to take me too long to do them and therefore worthwhile, but in the end it was so fun/quick/ almost painless(I happened to score the stanley blade through one tender fingernail) that ill be putting lots of them on all sorts of things.

I did them the cheats way of course.

After a bit of trimming by hand they were good to go.

Just as well because my little model had woken up.

Look at those poses!

More are cut out and ive put some doileys on the next lot as the knit isnt lacey in itself and im slowly working my way through them.

The rest of the crew is going into the city for dumplings and im going to stay behind to get some more boys knits done methinks. Why stop when im on a roll?
So how was your day? Any crafting happen? Are you planning a market this weekend too?

Ps. Box count is at 26 and ive not even packed my first yet!
Its all the Mr's stuff so far. Were both feeling positive that we'll cope and theres no sense of stress in the house yet, just cruising, as we have allowed ourselves a two week cross over with both properties.
Maybe im a bit too cruisey, we only have five days left and with a market day that kind of narrows it down to four... 

Monday, July 18, 2011

market day

I managed to fill the double rack and am now thinking of making another one and its at this point in the conversation that I. think. im .mad.

This is little Sunday in her new jacket.

My neighbour for the day, Michelle from Artichoke, had the best range of lino art and jewellery.

Next week im back at my regular, Mulgrave Makers market and I have the sense of homecoming and cant wait to see the usual crowd and eat one of my favourite spinach pastries.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

winter range

After all your well wishes (thanks) I made it to market today with enough for the table and quite a surprising number of new knits, even waking up this morning to cut out and finish a couple of hoods while everyone was still asleep.
I managed to do one of these collages to look back on over the next week.
I think I like Picasa now that ive worked it out.

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