Tuesday, July 5, 2011

shop update - eskimos

Im updating the shop today even though these eskimos are meant for the market on saturday.
Its my thing. It has the effect of keeping me going if I feel like slowing down my sewing. To have the anticipation of seeing if they get snapped up gives me a slow buzz during the week. Plus there was that time when I sewed all week and then whisked the eskimos off to market only to have no record of what the sold ones looked like.
So here are three that were started a few weeks ago that I didnt get to finish until today.

Im loving the yellowy cream embroidered cotton on the back of this latest pink and blue.
So wintery and rich and buttery.
I think I must be hungry.
Lasagne is being made for dinner at my place by the chef, Navarh. Which is so appreciated cos then I can chill out and sew and have a tipple of ginger wine while im at it. We are checking out some larger rental properties as well this week but thats a story for another day.
Whats on the menu at yours tonight? 


Squiggly Rainbow said...

Beautiful works! I made a skirt out of that gorgeous creamy embroidered fabric! Love it too! Enjoy your lasange..

Rach xx

MonetPaisley said...

Love the green one! We had roast chicken at 3 this arvo, cause thats what time we have dinner now... And I have to feed the kids supper later on, perhaps apple pie???

A Christy Production said...

You're just so clever!! I don't know how you stay so motivated. And how on earth you whip up these eskimos so jolly fast!! It takes me so long to do the most simple of tasks!!

Good luck on finding a bigger place. Rental prices are RETARDED lately. We are in the same boat. Do we swallow the 4th rent rise in 2 years in our current rental or try for something else. We have about 4 weeks to figure it out!

naughtyshorts! said...

Hello!! I am in love with your eskimo jackets. Too too cute. I bought a pdf to make a jacket for my small person a while ago, I should probably make it before winter is over... Love your shop.

Bec x

wendy hill said...

Im replying to you in comment boxes this week cos its market time, hope thats cool with you all.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your uplifting comments, they really keep me going,

and Christy I dont know how I stay motivated either sometimes but if I stop, I really STOP and crash and have pyjama days all joined together and its definitely. not. good. for. me.
Wendy :)

zjah said...

hey dad had a funny dream, i was laughing too.

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