Friday, July 15, 2011

the winner!

Jo! Its you!

The winner of the Juniper Boots Giveaway is Jo from Frankie and Ray.
Congratulations Jo.
Ill need a sizing of your foot sometime soon via email.
The choices above are what we'll start with and let me know if none of the above is to your liking as I have a few more up my sleeves.
Cheers to everyone for joining in and ill be having another one soon. After all, theres always something to celebrate isnt there?


Frankie and Ray said...

Yay! Running around the loungeroom with excitement I am! I lurve the top blanket, but all of them are gorgeous. As are you! Thanks Wendy. Jo xx ps. I think this is my first win at anything...errr, apart from a meat tray in the Bribie Island pub a million years ago...

Notchka said...

Yummy blanket selection Wendy :)

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