Saturday, July 9, 2011

market day

Ive had my day at Craft Hatch and it was rather exhilarating to be honest with you all.
Although I had to totally rethink the table once there as my dining table was way bigger! duh, and my rack wasnt, so the knits I just so happened to whip up (as you do) on friday wouldnt fit with all the eskimos. Daim. Oh yeah I didnt make my quota of 30 eskimos. I decided I needed a break and started doing some upcycled knits.

The table ended up full so that deleted any worries I had of not having enough.
 Im not a fan of clothes laying down but it
was either that or put them under the table. eeek. Ill be making a new
 lightweight double clothes rack soon.

Im so happy with these knits, they now have an aesthetic I truly wanted. 

Even while I was making the the boys ones I excitedly kept showcasing the next one of the rack
 each time I finished it, then rushing back and making another until it was two in the morning
 and my audience went to bed. 

This is the back of the one above it. Mmmmm the mixture of mustard and aqua and red.
Im going to sleep well tonight but I hope to dream up some more mixes.

Im taking the plunge and doing back to back markets. Lets see how tired and sick I can make myself shall we? Next weekend youll find me at the Abbottsford Convent!


zofia said...

Oh yes, they are truly great!
Will be sneaking peeks in your shop to see if any are left after all these markets.

Kate said...

yay! I've been so excited to hear how it was. LOVE the knits. Of course I do. And a big bummer, because if we weren't going away, we'd be next door at Collingwood children's farm for the farmers market next weekend. x

MonetPaisley said...

Yay! Everything looks fabulous!

Lady Demelza said...

Wendy dearest, now I am even more excited. I definitely want a pair of those boots for my chilly mister. Please email me - - when you have time to get around to it. I can see you're a busy lady!
Congratulations on an exhilarating market experience!

Anonymous said...

I love the knit pieces.

When I was selling at markets and shows I HATED doing my display table. I could never get it right.

wendy hill said...

Oh no Kate! Dont say that! I never realised this was next door to your regular? Ive never been to this market you see.
Julia, I actually thought it would be nice to go all shoppy and do a display but its such a challenge when we couldnt cart my usual backups like a little cupboard and my tree. Then got there and others had an old table and lots of props that were so well thought out, being light and easy to take. I need to get my act together this week!

Frankie and Ray said...

Wendy, so lovely to hear you had a great day! And next week will be just great...normally I'm there too, but not over Winter. Yes, I'm a wimp with bad weather and only go indoors until Spring! Will you be coming back there in September do you think? It'd be fun to see you. Jo x

Sarah said...

Those knits look great Wendy - loving all the colour combinations, you do have a great eye.

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