Friday, July 22, 2011

my creative space

Its all about hoods and velvet ribbons with snozberry pompoms here at my soon-to-be-demolished studio.

With slow work on some more patchworky booties from the huge scrap bag of woolens
 it is slowly but surely being used up.
Its been easy with all thats going on around me to just snip away at the bits of coloured blanket. For instance we did our taxes today over the breakfast table and although I was helping I was able to busily cut too. I love having items in the range that can be done on the hop.

I have been invited to a clothes swap tonight, my first. I dont know what ill take yet but it has me thinking about doing some sort of segment in here to talk my way through my wardrobe and perhaps show some favourite finds and what I wear and dont wear. Maybe after the move... 


Evelyne said...

They are so adorable!!

Frankie and Ray said...

Everything you make is so delightful! A little bit vintage, a little bit quirky, a whole lot of sweet! Hope you have great fun at your market this weekend.

Taylor Made said...

What lovely boots...such a clever use of the woolen blankets.

handmade romance said...

these are so incredibly cute. i just adore the little booties. the green and blues especially!! adorable.

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