Wednesday, July 13, 2011

shop update - knits

Im still loving the details of the upcycled knits with their bits of found lace.
 They are becoming easier to cut out from a process perspective although still time consuming compared to other things I could be sewing.  The colours need to be juuust right.
Highlighting the knit colour with the exact same shade of lace pulls them together
 but only in the final stages of sewing. 
Im finding its all in the
finer details.

Im midway through a shop update for the day but everything is about to get a whole lot busier as my household stirs to life. Seeya!

1 comment:

willywagtail said...

I think I may have asked you before but do you have an overlocker. I would love to see your seams to inspire a little confidence in myself as knits absolutely scare me and I tend to get frantic even if it is just an oppy knit that I want to cut up. Cherrie
PS Sitting here at ten in the morning with my cornflakes and coughing but I really do need to join you in the sewing. Maybe I'll convince myself if I tell enough people!

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