Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the good things about moving

I have written myself a little list of the benefits of this move.

1. we get an ensuite
2. there is a double shower in that ensuite
3. we get our first ever walk in robe
4. there is obviously a second bathroom
5. heating and cooling to all rooms
6. more space
7. more storage (I wont know myself)
8. extra bedroom
9. a loft (love a loft but was in denial)
10. extra dining space
11. nicer kitchen that we can all cook in at the same time
12. the deepest bath ive seen
13. safer garden for the grandbabies
14. undercover parking for the boat
15. a workshop
16.  a great big deck
17. hedges, magnolias and olive trees
18. privacy while in the back yard
19. not having to open the gate everytime we come and go
20. and most importantly of all, our furniture fits

Ahem, can I have your attention? I packed my first box this morning!
I AM being very creative this week in other ways.


A Christy Production said...

I packed my first box last night too!!!! Let the horrid job officially begin!

willywagtail said...

I wish I knew whether to pack the boxes or not and whether the kitchen was going to be big enough, etc. So I am just cleaning out cupboards so that it will be easier later much to the horror of the bin and the op shop. I envy you your loft and a house that even thinks of such a thing! Cherrie

Trace said...

your house is so lovely, Wendy, I have always loved the pictures you have shown. Good luck with your move!

melissa said...

How exciting Wendy, im looking forward to you moving! Cant wait to see pics of your new home!


zofia said...

sounds like it's all win. :)
Good luck with that dreaded packing...I wish you speed!

Kelly Ingram said...

Your new space sounds fabulous Wendy, and with your special touches, it's going to look amazing! xx

Evelyne said...

Your new house sounds just perfect for you and your family. Very exciting!!

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