Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today I began sewing at around three o'clock.
Ive finally finished your custom order Jennie! Thanks for being so very patient while I muddled about.

Ill be uploading this to Etsy or MadeIt sometime tonight. Let me know your preference?

I have little booties too, now handstitched and ready for market day. They are made using all of my old scraps of fabric and offcuts of embroideries.

This is the inside lining so they are more like two pairs in one really.

Its now back to the machine for me..


Jennie said...

It is soooo gorgeous Wendy - thank you so much! Made It will be fine! I really love the colour of this. Thank you!!XX

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Beautiful! I have the same craft table as you - Ikea Norden? It was our dining table, but now the craft table!

Rach x

MonetPaisley said...

Amazing! I took my broken machine to be fixed, finding out next week if there is any hope for her.... Found ou my computer will cost over 400 dollars to fix, seems they are disposable and I mosewell(is that even a word) buy a new one. So I am knitting and hand stitching.....

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