Friday, July 1, 2011

im in peppermint magazine

Lets play rewind shall we? To two or so weeks back?

I feel better now
 otherwise id have to start at the end and im not very good at telling any story after the fact. I prefer to live in the here and now when I write.

Many of you already know im in Peppermint Magazine!
Much thanks
to those who alerted me as for some reason unbeknown to even me I thought I was in next months issue.
Yep thats my eskimo jacket right there on that page!

I found out right before the spam comments got the better of my uploader
and then my Blogger dashboard crashed.
I was going to fix it when I got the chance but I never did, you see.
I have written a few posts that would have been pictureless and that just
isnt going to happen on my pages.

Now for the real goss.

Weve been celebrating again.
This time it was on a mammoth scale.
It has been a couple of weeks of chaos of airport pickups and drop offs with the MR's family, there was some trouble with a volcano, not thinking it would all come to pass.
But before we knew it we were weekending at a holiday house with all five boys and their families,
 mum and dad, plus our lot of four with their babies.
That makes 21. Eeek! This is the first time our family has all been together in one place for five years!

15 people squeezed into our little two bedroomed home on various nights amid transits.
And a wonderful fantastical time was had by all. 
I did plan to blog in the dark with no-one watching but I was having way too much fun really to bother with those evil spammers.
I did feel like screaming into a pillow at times but hey, I can control myself when I really need to.
I feel like screaming now that im left with mess too difficult to control when ones tired, even for me.
Did you know my nickname is Whirlwind Wendy to those close to me?
Well it is.

I dont feel like a whirlwind right now although if a whirlwind came and blasted
all the bedding back into the cupboards, all the dishes back into the shelves, all the people still here back home (sorry mum and dad but didnt the party finish a week ago?) then I would be content to sleep for three whole days.

I would
dream about
my unfinished sewing though.



Frankie and Ray said...

What a wonderful time you've been having...even if it's nice when it's over! Congratulations on the magazine piece too, well deserved to see your lovely stuff in print!

Kelly Ingram said...

Woo hoo Wendy! How exciting to see your creation in print. And how lovely for your loved ones to be spending some quality time together, with you and yours xx

Kate said...

Oh my goodness, how exciting!
Family and babies and magazines and a gorgeous pic of you and your Bren.
Ace to catch up with you. Big congrats.
have a fab weekend. x

Squiggly Rainbow said...

How exciting! And how wonderful to spend such a wonderful time with family!

Rach x

willywagtail said...

Wow. How wonderful to be able to have such a large family. Saw quit a few I know in there, including a cute little miss under the billiards table. Congrats on making it into the magazine. I think the whirlwind Wendy fits you, given how much much you generally do. Cherrie

Anonymous said...

This post makes me want to have more kids...only big ones, not to go through the baby stage again.

MonetPaisley said...

Love to see all the family together, didn't realise the party was still going. Congratulations on the maagazine, I will have to go hunting for that one, love you, miss you heaps... Xxoo

m.e (Cathie) said...

how very exciting Wendy!! and what a way to celebrate, the love is in every single one of those pics.

enjoy the love and yay for magazines!

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