Monday, July 4, 2011


Today I worked on a custom order wrap dress for Chloe.

Im happy things are becoming a bit more streamlined now that I have all the size patterns for the wrap dresses and eskimos. Im still working on the lumberjacket pattern sizings and am yet to
sew the first sample. 

Things have been selling fairly constantly from the shops of late.

At this rate though ill have no stock left for saturday. Eeeek.
Lucky ive been able to sew today.
I got up early (for me) and headed straight to the kitchen table to cut out eskimos
 and ill be going all week. Im gonna say out loud that im hoping for a miracle and will get at least 10 jackets done plus a few knits and juniper boots for the market table.
Heres hoping...


quiltjude said...

Oh wrap dresses are my all time favourite, I love the way you can adjust them. It is so pretty.

Hannah said...

I love the vintage lace on the back of the dress, Nothing beats a wrao dress in summer.
good luck for your sewing, stay focoused, =)

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