Sunday, July 24, 2011

saturday - one day before the move

Rustico looked on as us humans were in the garden today doing all sorts of interesting things.

 Crap photo, (I was inside in the warm) but he looks happy so ive included it. 
The Mr has been stripping the dining table.
You know the one. Ive been sewing and cutting out on it for the last couple of months. Weve wanted to resurface it for a while and he has decided to do it before we move. He has one day left. He says he will sand it tomorrow and im hoping like crazy he has a plan up his sleeve that I dont know about cos im gonna need something to work on.

He found this fantastic tool at Bunnings today and loves it. It has a bottle opener cut into it, no wonder.

Navarh is doing up an old bike. Shame he chose to raid my teatowel cupboard for a cloth. Thats my nice  pure linen napkin on the ground. He has promised me new ones now.

I really dont have high expectations for this table as we had stained it black and now want to lighten it.

The washing dried today which is the first time for ages I dont need to finish it in the drier.

The boys played drums while we did some tidying and raking.

Some friends house sat for us recently and they left us with a parting gift of a herb garden that is doing really well. This makes me smile each time I walk past to remember the love they would have put into planting it for us to return to. Nice.

Hope your weekend is as eventful as ours is...and we are only halfway!


MonetPaisley said...

Was cold yesterday, but still a lovely day to be outside. Hope the market goes swimmingly today, and looking forward to seeing the new house... Xx b.c.

Anonymous said...

I thought about refinishing one of my bikes but decided it was too much work.

It looks like crazy fun around there.

Evelyne said...

Good luck for the move!

Evee said...

Looks like you finally managed to chop your son's locks off!

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