Saturday, July 16, 2011

can i make it?

Today is all about can I make it?
Can I make it to market?
Can I make another clothes rack in time. The picture above is a halfway done rack. It opens like a book once joined with hinges and is easy to carry so thats way better than the struggle we dealt with last week. Ill take a fuller picture when im finished. You know it was so inexpensive to make at around twenty dollars. I refused to buy dowelling at 10 dollars a rod (I needed two) so have used birch tree branches from the front yard. The possums had killed off the tops of the tree anyway and we needed to prune it nicely for when we vacate so it was definitely a win win.

 Can I sew back in the studio, after being on the huge back table for a couple of months, cos the Mr is in the process of stripping it back for a new look when we move?
Can I make dinner plans and still entertain friends while secretly wishing
to hone in on the premarket buzz at midnight?

Can I finish edging and labelling all these knits ive started. I dont know if im going to make it but im gonna give it my best shot.


Kate said...

I love the way you do things Wendy, in your own way with your gorgeous style. I hope you got enough done but had some fun too. xx

Squiggly Rainbow said...

You can do it! I love your style and those branches - love them!
Rach x

MonetPaisley said...

Even if you dont get it all done just relax and have fun at the market tomorrow xx wish I could be there...

The Moerks said...

Of course you can, it will all come together brilliantly. I hope you have a very successful market.

Frankie and Ray said...

Yes, you can! Loving those knits and your gorgeous rack. Wishing you a great day for tomorrow! Enjoy!

Sarah said...

Hope you made it! (sure you did). Ina wore her tea party cardigan to her birthday party today - so special :)

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