Tuesday, July 19, 2011

today im working on

Im in the studio working on some hoods for girls and they have turned out really sweet after I decided to embellish them this way. They will become part of the snozberry range. I think that the pom pom is just the right shade dont you?

By using the trim from the knits themselves, and some velvet ribbon I got on my recent trip to Cambodia. Yes! I bought supplies. A whole suitcase full actually. They have such a glut of old unwanted stuff gathering dust. I wont tell you my bag was nearly full by the second day because that would be a shameful thing to admit, wouldnt it?

There was a bit of pom pom making today. Ive been wanting to play with these for a while, not knowing if it was going to take me too long to do them and therefore worthwhile, but in the end it was so fun/quick/ almost painless(I happened to score the stanley blade through one tender fingernail) that ill be putting lots of them on all sorts of things.

I did them the cheats way of course.

After a bit of trimming by hand they were good to go.

Just as well because my little model had woken up.

Look at those poses!

More are cut out and ive put some doileys on the next lot as the knit isnt lacey in itself and im slowly working my way through them.

The rest of the crew is going into the city for dumplings and im going to stay behind to get some more boys knits done methinks. Why stop when im on a roll?
So how was your day? Any crafting happen? Are you planning a market this weekend too?

Ps. Box count is at 26 and ive not even packed my first yet!
Its all the Mr's stuff so far. Were both feeling positive that we'll cope and theres no sense of stress in the house yet, just cruising, as we have allowed ourselves a two week cross over with both properties.
Maybe im a bit too cruisey, we only have five days left and with a market day that kind of narrows it down to four... 


Frankie and Ray said...

Too cute for words! (hoods and your model too...)

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Wow - you are amazing! I have had to put my crafting aside during our move 6 months ago and recent University work.... Was the Cambodia trip a holiday or something else? Very interesting! Rach xx

MonetPaisley said...

Loving the hoods, those red ones remind me of little red riding hood.... Of course. I noticed the pink ones in the previous post on your market table and wondered whar they were... I grabbed a copy of that peppermint mag today, saw it in the newsagent.

Kate said...

LOVE that little hood!
I had no idea you could cheat a pom pom. Such a shame me and my machine are having time apart.
And that little model is getting more divine by the day.

Lady Demelza said...

oh wendy that is just gorgeous. i have been trying to dream up a way of creating a bonnet/hoody type thing for myself - i'm not really a 'hat person,' but it's cold this winter! it all looks so much clearer now than i had been imagining. thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration. i think your work is just marvellous - i'm such a fan already!
wishing you all the best for your big move - i hope your new home is such a fertile ground for inspiration and creativity.

Evelyne said...

Your little model is so adorable!!! Oh and the hood is cute too. Good luck with the move.

zofia said...

so adorable she is!
Those hoods are divine...wish I knew some little baby girls.

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